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  • Anyone had any issues with Google Play rejecting their app for using too much spam before?

    Very strange. Not sure what they mean, and they keep ignoring my emails asking for further details.

    Does anyone know of a number I could call?

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  • I've never seen that before, but good luck actually getting in touch with anyone at google.

    Do you have any idea what it could have been? What ad service are you using? Be careful with some services because they may install push notifications and other crap that might come off as spammy.

  • ArcadEd

    It's been a real hassle! Had my app suspended, then appealed, then found in my favour, then suspended again. It's a real headache.

    I'm using AdMob and MoPub for my ads, and they aren't working.

    CocoonJS for the export (and their crazy permissions).

    It's taken me longer to try to get it sorted than it did to make the game.

    My description is really simple, and not spam in the slightest. They seem to think I'm using meta-tags, which I'm not.

    Just starting to think I'm talking to a bunch of useless robots.

  • Pretty much on the Robots thing.

    Maybe I can take a look and see if anything jumps out at me. If you can just send me the APK you uploaded to google play, via pm.

  • AnD4D, I've never heard anything like that before - sounds like a right hassle and I hope you get it sorted. I had some issues with my merchant account a couple of days ago: +1 855 925 5386 was the merchant account help I used and should be a good starting point. I was expecting the worst but they were quite polite and helpful...

  • Also, I have 4 games on google play using CocoonJS, Mopub+admob and never had any issues. Some have been up there for over a year.

    I do turn off mopub ads because I didn't really like them, so I just use admob ads.

  • Thanks I've PM'd you. MoPub is linked to Cocoon. I didn't realise I had a choice in that regard! Do you know where I can find out how to just use AdMob ads? Or is that still through MoPub? I have removed theirs.


    Thanks for the number. I'll try calling them on Monday. Really frustrating. It was uploaded originally on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Yeah, you still need to use mopub, you just turn off the mopub marketplace for your game.

    I'm out the door now, but tomorrow i will take a look at this.


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