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  • Hi, i am about to release a couple of games in Google Play marketplace(with Intel XDK) and i have some worries about the legal stuff, like if it worth to include the EULA agreement(and how).

    Imagine this scenario(unlikely):

    -Your game is released in Google Play

    -Your game is an instant success, reaching millions of players.

    -Your game cause hundreds of crashes(webgl drivers bugs and so on), some of them leading to the loss of the user data or even the device itself.

    What would happen in this catastrophic scenario?I would appreciate hearing your thoughts/knowledge on this.


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  • I think if your not purposely making a virus then you have nothing to worry about. If something like that occurred then the responsibility would be much more on google that a user could accidentally program a virus on their controlled operating system and release it on their marketplace!

  • Ok, thanks to share your thoughts.

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