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  • So I would like to make a developer account on Android. However I am in need of a creditcard. In my country most people do not have creditcards and we never use them or need them.

    I do have a Paypal account in wich I can use to purchase app but that does not seem to work for a developer account.

    So is there a way around this. Can I use my regular bank account to get money from my earnings on the playstore while first paying with a virtual creditcard with a 20 euro value?

    Sorry for my bad english I hope someone can help me.

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  • Same problem hear Do you get any solution , i think we can pay using VCC i am going to try this

  • you can use a anonymous prepaid creditcard, payout isnt affected by this, the creditcard is only used for security reasons (which are bypassed by the prepaid card)

    i used a mywirecard

    the payout is handled by your google wallet account

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