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  • Hi there i have a great idea for a game that could make me some money. I want to launch the game on google webstore and i need a payment option. could you maby develop something like this??

    keep up the great work with c2.

    Ps Sory for my bad english

  • You can use Google Checkout for that, they send your earnings to your AdSense account...

    It's not enough C2 for you to make games with a single click? :D

    Also can try with payPal and that's stuff...the payment it's your decision

  • Oh ok thankes but how do i prevent people who havent paid from playing it on the web store

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  • You definitely need a signed(certificated) .apk-data for releasing at google play. A debug-file isnt allowed to be released.

    But actually C2 doesns support this (as far as i know). And i wouldnt think about, to compile and generate a key within a cloud service.I ran some smaller test with phonegap just for fun, but compile with it to make seriously money?! Never ever....

    So, as there is actually another (more or less) big gameproducer-software releasing their studio edition, Scirra could need akp export too.That would be epic!!!

  • Well you should actually try to make a apk. After that might be what your looking for. I have not tried it my self but it is free, however they take 7% of your sales. Anyway, it could be used in a demo to purchase the full game or some thing like that.

  • Ok thanks for the tips ,i thought scirra would be able to put an payment object in so we could ask money for the games we make

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