Google Maps and JQUERY in Construc 2

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  • Hi guys,

    I've searched the forum and over the web but didn't found any usefull information regarding the possibility of using Google Maps within a Construct 2 project.

    I may have to use google maps as a requirement for a project I'm working on. It's not a game but an online Glossary using swipe and dragable pages as most can see on alot of demos on javascript plataforms like JQUERY, HAMMER etc.

    I would like to ear from you if you have any sucessfull experience inserting a google map in Construct 2 canvas.

    Also I've searched the forum and found a post were Ashley states that JQUERY was probably going to be left aside from Construct 2 due to the fact of some compability issues with coocon.js and others I guess. Meanwhile I've seen on some post regarding Construct 2 v150 with JQUERY features.

    So my question remains... does Construct 2 allows one to use JQUERY inside of a project ? Ultimatly I want to have some logic to make ajax calls to a MYSQL database and use transtion effects like the ones used in HAMMER (Hammer).

    Thanks a lot for you answer !

    Best Regards!

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  • Anyone would like to give me some feedback ?


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