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  • Rumors have been floating around that NX would be out in 2016 and Wii U production would cease when that happens but Nintendo finally announced some clear details. NX is scheduled for March 2017 and isn't meant to replace the Wii U or 3DS and the new Zelda game will be released at the same time for both Wii U and NX. Also, they stated the only thing they would be showing at E3 this year will be Zelda (so another fairly weak year for Nintendo at E3 I guess).

    Take that for what its worth but I feel better about moving forward with my game meant to include gamepad play and not get surprised by a replacement system in 2016.

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  • Currently, I have about 30 more games to buy on my Wii U before I'm ready to move onto a new system, including some launch games I missed (got Darksiders through the Humble Bundle and it's so much more awesome than the so called "Death-initive" editions they released later, thanks to the GamePad integration). So yeah, if you wanna make a console game, make it for the Wii U (and use the GamePad! )

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