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  • I don't buy the original rationale for this. They say things like "I was used to seeing WebGL games with 10 moving sprites move at 5fps". That strikes me as some kind of fault - WebGL should never be that slow. Indeed even with Construct 2 you can get 10,000+ sprites on-screen at once with WebGL even on a mobile device.

  • Joannesalfa I did.








    It's pretty meaningless at this point. Maybe in 2 more years.

    "I just got a proof of concept up and running, with enough bindings implemented to show some sprites. The sprites are updated and drawn in JS, with the code being 99% compatible with WebGL. I was used to seeing WebGL games with 10 moving sprites move at 5fps, but this demo shows 10,000 sprites animating at 60fps! More good news is that I managed to whittle down the APK size to 1,3 Mb. Note that the app crashes when it exits, due to the thread not being detached from the VM (you probably won't notice this)."

    No xml,json parsing

    no Audio

    No AJAX

    No everything but graphics OpenGLES binding.

    No standard Java Script compliance. And this is the catch. All this guy has right now is a JS executor where as the Browser API's are not JS standards they are an interface layer. Since his work is 1.3mb it's pretty clear that it's nothing but an application than runs OpenGL and basic JS. However Ejecta already does this.

    There is just not enough here. I suspect this project will dissapear in a few months after he realizes the scope involved.

    Please feel free to watch this project. If someday against the odds this could replace the open source projecta Ejecta.... then again it is open source.

  • Ashley You should get a sh1tty generic android tablet to test before you do judge of ignorance.

  • Joannesalfa

    That is not a very nice thing to say.

    Ashley , jayderyu

    Anyway the guy just updated with some simple DOM , audio and input implementation. He also generated simple game with apk with the size of just 1.3MB which is quite good compare to CocoonJS and Crosswalk. Since he is planning OUYA and IAP in future, this can be a good alternative to HTML5 game developer right ?

  • In our experience non-browser HTML5 wrappers are a minefield of compatibility issues, bugs and performance problems of their own (like the fact CocoonJS never seemed to figure out why memory management is important). I am convinced there is no point supporting any new non-browser wrappers for Construct 2 games, and phasing out the existing ones when the browser technology catches up, which will happen with iOS 8 and Android L.

  • Yes but the "futur" support for using well HTML5 app with similar native perf could be very very long.

    I prefer to have a solution that is limited but trully small and efficient for doing what 99% of users do with Construct2 : Mobile Game.

    i don't need ajax, json ect.....

    Just to draw the sprite, audio support, save some data (the way you want), input, and the way to lunch some link for external social support + ads.

    Don't need a perfect web object support ect...

    I prefer a solution that is veyr fast and very tiny for mobile game with some limitation vs a heavy and slow solution.

    PS: test the demo Tsunami Cruiser run with sound at 60 fps without any problem.

    PS2 : yes a 10K sprite demo is nothing without game engine pipeline sound ect.. jsut a testing for wrapping api but a good test to start.

    Did you test also Ejecta V8 Engine :

    Perf are really good too (better that basic browser (chrome last version on android not too bad)). ... mple&hl=en

  • ThunderZ

    Its interesting you say 99% of users are using C2 for Mobile games. To my knowledge there hasnt been a poll and i am guessing there are is lot more than 1% writing games for the other platforms.

  • True their is no pool for that and that not the topic.

    Yes you can use and do others apps with C2 but this is not the best tool for that, C2 is design with a main focus doinf game (see the sample and the behavior type).

    The topic is an old subject about a reality, the performance of HTML5 -> C2 under mobile with native encapsulation.

  • ThunderZ Got links how you got 60 fps from your tests?

  • Well i've an Xiaomi Mi3 that is really strong phone (they have lunch the Mi4 !!!! I love it too).

    I use the devmode of the Miui Rom that is very usefull and powerfull (the best android rom for me (v6 comming too :p)

  • Um what?

  • Did you download and test the APK demo of GLES.JS ????

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