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  • ThunderZ you can use your HTML5 games to replace assets inside of APK, you can test it, it worked with Phaser and Pixi.js, but it depends what you have implemented the mechanics.

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  • yes but i'm on vacancy for now just testing on phone by downloading the pak in 3G (soo slow).

    I need to test construct2 project/demo/sample when i come back home.

    But it seem very promise

    I think that YES HTML5 will become a standard with great encapsulation for mobile OS and dekstop OS and Construct2 make a good choice for the futur with standard coding language with HTML5.

    But for now the true is that HTML5 as weak performance for mobile and low system.

    It's for that, that compagny and investor work hard with lot of money sometime to build a production pipeline that could work easily and fast :

    Cocoon, PhoneGap, IntelXDK, Cordova, Herlock, Titanium ect..ect....

    A basic support oriented with basic (with limitation for sure) feature for have good perf on mobile will be for me a good solution and a good choice for C2.

    GLES.JS could be a solution (the online presentation is really well explain).

  • According to his page:

    [quote:1r4t8mzd]Finish testing pixi.js and phaser.js. Try three.js as well. And by popular demand, Construct 2. C2 won't be easy because it's not open source, which means it will be harder to debug.

    I thought IDE is closed source, I'm not sure about HTML5 exporter, I wonder how we can encourage him.

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