Are games meant to be slow in Intel XDK testing mode?

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  • I tested my app on my phone in Intel XDK, and it was very laggy. It's an older version phone, so that might be a problem. It's a Galaxy S2. Are the games suppose to go in slow motion in testing mode? Also should the PhoneGap IAP plugin work in XDK? Thanks!

  • Unfortunately only the simplest of games will run on an S2 in "acceptable" quality. They won't run with full speed. The device is basically 2 generations too old for HTML5 stuff. Even on modern phones you have to optimize aggressively to avoid bad performance.

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  • My Galaxy S3 is ancient right now, I'm able to keep the good framerate but i can feel I'm pushing it to the limits. S2 is a lot older and much weaker device, you should not expect miracles on it unfortunately :/

  • Have you tried testing your game with CocoonJS?

  • Eisenhans \ shinkan I'm getting a new phone soon, but i still play Clash Of Clans and other games like that with no lag. It's a pretty simple game, which i don't really care if it lags a lot on testing mode. I just want to make sure that it won't be like that when people play the game once i publish it. I haven't yet, but it's probably just a problem with my phone.

  • i still play Clash Of Clans and other games like that with no lag.

    You cannot compare that. Clash of clans is a native game. C2 exports HTML5 games, that's like 50 more layers of abstraction Wrappers like XDK don't magically make a native game out of it, they just package a browser engine with it. It's still "just" a browser game.

    The newer the tech, the less a problem this is. On modern phones you can make perfectly fine HTML5 games with Construct2 that that run at 60fps.

    But not with an S2.

  • Eisenhans Okay, but would newer phones still be able to play it okay?

  • Depends entirely on the game and how well you optimized it.

    That said, there are a lot of C2 games working quite well on mobile devices, you just have to do it right.

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