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  • The winners have been chosen!

    Congratulations to the winners of this contest, there were so many great games submitted! But here are your top 6:

    1st place - Crossed Fire

    2nd place - Miny Miners

    3rd place - Pirate Ninja Trainer

    4th place - Space Astro

    5th place - Brick Rain

    6th place - Hotel SPA

    You can play all six of these games, plus plenty of other submissions over on the GAMEE page, so do give them a go!

    Thanks to everyone for participating, and if you fancy giving GAMEE some feedback, please fill in this form.


    If you’ve read our recent blog post, you’ll know that we’ve teamed up with GameeApp to bring you a new, month-long game dev contest!

    Using GAMEE’s new plugins, you’ll need to come up with a game built in Construct 2 or 3 that meets the following rules:

    • Your game must be done using Construct 2 or Construct 3
    • It must implement the GAMEE framework and work without bugs in the GAMEE emulator
    • Your game must comply with the PEGI 3 rating
    • It must be produced in a portrait format (landscape isn’t yet supported)

    There are a few other recommendations from GAMEE. Your game should:

    • Have a simple tutorial
    • Have sounds
    • Have an overall size less than 5mb - the smaller, the better!
    • Be endless
    • Be true to GAMEE’s style of games

    You can download the Construct 2 plugin here.

    And the Construct 3 plugin here.

    The plugins have an identical implementation, and you can find

    Plus, GAMEE have plenty of other resources available on the contest page.

    Be sure to check out their wiki. It's full of useful information for you.

    To submit your game, export it to HTML5 (web) and then send the resulting ZIP file with a link to show the game working in the GAMEE emulator to .

    So what’s in it for you? Well, we have prizes for 1st place through 6th:

    1st Place: An Xbox One, a year’s Construct 3 subscription and a month’s promotion from GAMEE on their platform, including push notifications, appearing under featured games, being mentioned in the newsletter, social promotion and featured by bots on various platforms including Telegram.

    2nd Place: A Nintendo Switch, a year’s Construct 3 subscription and two weeks worth of promotion from GAMEE on their platform as mentioned above.

    3rd Place: An RC Star Wars Droid, a year’s Construct 3 subscription and one week worth of promotion from GAMEE on their platform as mentioned above.

    4th to 6th Place: A year’s subscription to Construct 3, your game published to GAMEE and distributed to various bot platforms.

    The final deadline for submitting games is February 28th, and winners will be announced on the 11th of March.

    We’d love to see some great entries from you guys; maybe yours will be the next big hit on GAMEE!

    Good luck!

  • Hi guys!

    We are really excited about this contest! If you have any questions or if we can help you with anything, please let us know! To get some inspiration, maybe check our site, we have 70+ games!


  • GameeApp what are the monetary incentives to keep developers on the platform (after or before the competition)? it is pretty hard to find anything on what developers can get out using your platform other than exposure

  • we are currently developing the platform and aim to open it to partner game developers soon, then the cooperation is based on revenue share from ads (interstitial ads at the moment, rewarded video coming soon)

  • Thank you to for bringing us this contest.

    What I miss is some general information for devs and on the legal ramifications. So here's a set of questions that instantly came to my mind:

    1) Is the game hosted on your platform after being accepted?

    2) Does the developer keep all rights to his/her game and can the game consequently be published independently from Gamee on iOS, Android and other platforms?

    3) Is there any kind of monetary incentive for the developer? (I guess this has already been answered)

    Laura_D This link seems important for participants. It links to a detailed explanation of the design principles the people at Gamee expect and the metadata they require from developers. Maybe you could add it to your post?

  • Is that 5mb limit important? It greatly limits the type and number of assets we can use. That means that most games with HD assets will not manage to get under that limit easily. It would probably get crushed with just a few backgrounds.

  • What is the theme of this gamejam?

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  • thanks for pointing those out, I shall add it to the webpage to clarify to answer you first:

    1) It is an option - obviously we would like to publish winning games on GAMEE if authors of those games wish to do so (not mandatory though).

    2) Yes, if the game is published on GAMEE, the licence is non-exclusive for games submitted in this competition.

    3) For the competition itself, no (but we have cool prizes!). For future cooperation after the competition, that would be on case-to-case basis. If you are asking about the relationship with 3rd party developers in general, yes, there is monetary incentive based on performance of each game.

    skymen we know it might be limiting, this restriction is due the platforms we distribute the games to... Most of our games are below 2 MB actually so it is doable

    Valter Filho (hyper)casual games in general, we are excited to see what you can come up with, just please stay away from themes with blood, sex, violence, etc... (the game has to be PEGI 3)

  • ok very good thank you !!

  • GameeApp :: In what way do you like us to submit our contest games? Do you want it to be in a C2/C3 project .capx or do you want it to be already exported when sent? HTML5?

  • Added a link to the entire wiki.

    So you're all aware, the contest page (link in the OP) does have a list of resources for you, including access to the emulator, wiki and GitHub repositories - the C3 repo has a video tutorial for how to use the plugin.

  • Hello everyone, hello GameeApp!

    Most games on your platform look both very vectorish and minimalist. Can we use such assets for our creations, with obviously licences respect or is it preferable to use art designed by ourselves?

  • GameeApp Are we allowed to submit more than one game? If yes what does it imply?

  • it should be already exported HTML5, sent as zip file + link with working game in the GAMEE emulator, both to contest(at) . To show you how to make it work with the emulator, we prepared step-by-step tutorial available here

  • Hi Sebastien, it is preferable to use your own graphics - every game on our plarform was done by our graphic designers (so we don't have any problems regarding intellectual property later on).

    skymen yes, multiple submissions are allowed (obviously, those has to be games created by you/your team)

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