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  • Hey peeps,

    So I'm working on porting Blitz Breaker to android, and have been having some odd issues with running the game fullscreen on my devices. Some of the sprites (it's mostly my tile maps and sprite fonts) glitch out and don't render properly when using webview or crosswalk. This is what it's been looking like:

    But when using the exact same settings, but not running the game in full screen it looks correct, which is this:

    Any reason why this would be happening?

    Information for further analysis:

    Full Screen Mode: Letterbox scale

    High DPI: No (switching to high dpi doesn't fix the issue)

    Point Filtering

    Web GL: On

    Fullscreen Scaling: High

    Downscaling: Low quality (changing this has no impact)

    Pixel Rounding: Off (changing this has no impact either)

    Thanks for anyone who has any answers/tips!

    NOTE: When using canvas+ I can fix this issue, but I have to use High DPI (if I don't then the screen doesn't scale properly), which completely tarnishes the performance (I'm noticing hiccups on my xperia x performance and galaxy s6, which shouldn't have any)

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  • To me this looks like simple point filtering vs. Letterbox artifacting, when the device resolution is not an integer multiple of your game's resolution. I guess this game was designed with a special device in mind? (maybe an Iphone)

  • Yes...? Sort of, the game is built for 16:9 (with a resolution of 144x256) but there's an event in the loading screens to adjust the playable area to fit the device it's being played on.

    What's strange is that if I use canvas +, there's no artifacts what-so-ever, but the performance tanks, cause I have to use high-dpi. I've tried to use canvas + with high dpi turned off but the screen just multiplies itself

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