fps slowdown in r158?

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  • Before I post a bug I want to ask if it's only on my end or if someone else have this issue.

    I've installed r158 (64bit) this morning and straight away I've noticed slowdown in fps in every project I have or newly create.

    On my current project I used to have steady 60fps in r157 (theres only 20 objects and no fancy effects). In r158 i get 48fps on the start and it gets lower when sprites starts to move.

    In new project with only one sprite and any movement (bullet, drag, 8dir...) it drops to 56 - which is not bad but it's very visible on sprite movement (sprite start's to lag and tear on screen). But even with only one sprite in project I can't remeber to have less then 60fps!

    After uninstalling r158 and revert back to 157 everything is back to steady 60fps.


  • This looks like a bug in the latest version of Chrome. I tried my project in Firefox and Internet Explorer and the framerate was fine. In Chrome, the framerate was decreased - even after I reverted to r157.

  • If it's Chrome issue then why it runs fine in r157? I didn't update my Chrome, windows or any other drivers since yesterday.

  • Looking at the changelog for r158 I cannot imagine how any of those items could cause a significant performance difference. As always it is essential to test in every browser, if you're only seeing a difference in Chrome it's likely to be caused by Chrome and not Construct 2. Chrome 32 was just released this week around the same time as r158.

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  • Seeing the same here. It seems you dont even have a choice to install an older version of chrome either.

  • same here.... slowwww

  • Same here, massive slowdown since the last update :/

  • same here, all of a sudden my project dropped from 60fps to 20fps this afternoon, it only occurs using Chrome.

  • update: it seems its a problem between WebGl and Chrome

    I tried disabling WebGl on my project and works 60fps again on Chrome now.

  • Please - test other browsers and report back those results as well! It's essential to identify browser-specific issues. Is it just Chrome or are Firefox and IE affected as well?

  • It's only chrome with the problem here as well.

  • yes, only chrome, and it begun when it(Chrome) upgraded to the latest version (this afternoon for me)

    Firefox and IE works fine.

    For C2 I also tried going back to stable r152 and nothing changed so its defenetly a Chrome issue.

  • Uh oh, just went to "About Chrome" to see what version I have, and it's 31, but says "reboot to finish update" ack!

    OMG, that is horrible. I can now use Chrome to test how my games play on Iphone 4.

    http://hexedtext.clay.io/ is this playable??

  • Not good I'm still on R153 due to a performance drop on every release since R154...

    And now Chrome is running at 20-30 FPS max down from 50-60 on My current project, also will only render in canvas, rather than webGL...

    Without chrome C2 HTML5 games have a major problem, as firefox does not compare performance wise...

  • i have been having the same issue,I downloaded Firefox and its the same as Chrome.Im glad to see im not the only one.I thought it was my computer.Im going bak to the last edition until this gets sorted out.

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