Firefox Sound Issues?

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    Is it just me or is sound playing incorrectly again in Firefox 15.0.1? Everything is crackly\stuttering, especially music.

    Chrome is working well as usual.

    Every game is ruined for me in the Arcade because of this. How annoying!

    BTW, I realise that this is probably nothing to do with C2, just wanted to see if others are having the same problem.

    Could put off potential buyers if they are getting the same problem.

    I haven't had this problem, so I'm not sure what it would be.

    Firefox just updated to version 16 and the problem still exists for me. IE and Chrome work fine though.

    I`m not sure if this is worth looking into but I just wanted to mention it. I know that you have mentioned in the past that it is not a problem with C2 but if I was a first time buyer and did`nt know better it would stop me from making a purchase which would be a shame.

    I will see if I can find the cause of this.

    I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. Have you tried Firefox on different computers to see if maybe it's just an issue with one?

    It's been working fine for me as well. Do you have a another PC or friend that can run what you are on FireFox and see the same issues exist?

    EDIT: Sorry, I basically repeated what Ashley said.

    Also, I noticed on my laptop if I have a music player running at the same time and then stand by my laptop and restart,it causes funny sound noises like you described.

    Also, see if there is an update on your sound driver

    Hi guys, OK, I have the latest drivers for all of my hardware so that is not the problem. I have also seen the problem on another Computer running Firefox, the only similarity is that we are both using a 64-Bit OS but Firefox version is 32-Bit I believe. Different soundcards though so it cannot be that. I`m on Vista the other Windows 7.

    I can send a small video or sound file to you Ashley if you would would like to hear what is happening. Just let me know.

    I do not want you to waste your valuable time on this however, I just wanted to point it out. If others are not having the same problem then please do not worry I`m sure that you have plenty to keep you busy.

    Hi Ashley, while trying to find a possible cause of this problem for you I was playing Skygear-01 Destroyer in the Arcade and I noticed that the music only stutters until I press the fire button.

    I`m not sure whether it is because another sound effect is playing or it`s because I`m pressing a button down but for a few seconds the music plays fine and then it starts to stutter again until I repeat the process. As mentioned above I can provide a small video for you if needed.

    I am also controlling the ships movement with the keys but the music only plays concretely when I press fire so it must be something to do with another sound playing? Very weird indeed.

    Any ideas?

    have you tried adding the Firebug addon for Firefox and see if anything comes up? Or maybe something similar? I might be plowing through an error or something. Just a grasp at straws but may not hurt.

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    probably same problem as this :

    try to add: "media.use_cubeb" ---> "false" preference,

    looks like it fix the problem for some of the poster there.

    from this bug:

    Good find Potato. I bet that is it.

    I` give it a try Potato and let you all know but it looks promising....

    OK, it works! Thanks Potato :)

    I`m surprised that no one else gets this though? It still happens with Firefox 16.0.1 Maybe something can be added to Construct 2 to counter this or is it down to the individual browser?

    Thanks again.

    I'm getting the same issue, actually - Same deal too, 64-bit system. It won't play multiple fx and generally sucks.

    ...And the media.use_cubeb=false thing actually works - thanks Potato!

    Here's the weird part: I'm on 7, not Vista, and those forums seem to assume it's a vista only problem...

    acord: sounds like a non-usual issue with firefox.

    You should try to pick up the discussions in the mozilla forum and/or report the issue as a bug.

    I've been using firefox for as long as I've used C2 in winXP and then win7 and never encountered the audio issue this topic talks about.

    Considering that's the tag for bicubic sound interpolation I'm thinking something they've done recently has caused it not to interface right with the sound hardware.

    Also: 32-bit or 64-bit?

    acord: Win7 Pro 64 bit, with FireFox running as a 32 bit software.

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