Firefox Sound Issues?

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    I`m also using 64-Bit Windows with 32-Bit Firefox.

    Is there a 64-Bit version of Firefox that is stable to use? I`ll have to take a look.

    Any further found? I just encounter the same problem today.

    But maybe I'm lucky today because I put all files from "MUSIC" into "SOUNDS". And Firefox plays the music again.

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    Firefox 25 has buggy audio support at the moment which can sometimes sound distorted. It should be fixed within the next few Firefox releases. This thread originally referred to a different issue in Firefox 15.

    Hey,Ashley! My firefox take a delay of 20 or 30 seconds. Help!

    I remember posting numerous posts about this, not to mention filing a bug report.

    I remember Ashley making a supposed fix in r193 or r194 I think, but aside from that all I got was disbelief.

    On the note of browser issues, on a fully exported HTML5 game, uploaded to google drive, I've had problems with sprites turning invisible instead of changing animations. But this doesn't happen on NW.js.

    This thread is related to Firefox issues from 2012 or so, and is unlikely to be related to any of the issues discussed in this 2015 bump, so closing. Please start a new thread if you have further questions.

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