A few serious problems that could use your votes/support!

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  • What are you on about? Did you seriously just brag about taking a programming exam in a Construct 2 post criticizing flaws in a game engine that is marketed to non-programmers?

    We didn't buy this program to get frustrated and learn how to program. Some of us, like myself, bought Construct 2 to make games and we're running into some serious performance issues. This thread isn't for you.

    Anyway, I've arrived at this thread because I too am experiencing some serious performance issues that really shouldn't be happening. I hope we can get somewhere with this and reach a conclusion.

    You missed my point!

    And only I decide what is or isn't for me - alrighty!

    This thread is about sorting out issues outside of c2, you might have missed that point too.

  • I think those issues where adressed many month ago... still there seems to be no fix yet. commented again, maybe it will move something...

    for the other topic, pro / con c2:

    I love construct. Because it enables me to live out my childhood dreams to programm games without to much learning / time investment. but construct is merly more than a tool to make very simple games or good prototypes for prove of concept and that makes me kind of sad.

    at some point or another you will run into problems which you cant fix.

    besites of the jitter/jank/framelags that are arround for ages whcih makes all games pretty unsmoth (a problem for every html 5 app) my curret problem is with the multiplayer input lag. for turn based games, construct is the best you can get. but for anything fast... its just not there jet.

    Other problems are with audi... laggy for the first time play of a sound and several other issues (volume on android and so on)

    but i really hope it will reach a point in the future where you can make high quality games with construct. and i am sure ashley is working hard on this...

    i will be there to make one when the time hast come

    kind regards


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  • I am about to port all my games to unity as this is bollocks.

    Thumbs up!!!

    Unfortunaly C2 export capabilities are such a joke...

    My 50c to Ashley and the rest of the team...

    Consider making the next Construct (C3) as a tool for work in UNITY... you will make a revolution for milions of non programers out there!

    Just imagine to work in Unity engine with ease of C2 events game making... just a dream come true!

    something like PlayMaker only... easier

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