What Features Do You Want To See In The Future C2?

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  • screenshot the whole layout is the only thing I need at the moment but a more simple multiplayer feature would be very welcome because all those events are just nuts...

  • Miu3

    I agree with you about the multiplayer.

  • from what I did check on the examples and tutorials, there are too many events that the engine wants the user to make to get simple and repeatable functions to work. I wish C2 would do way more of that chore for the user instead. For example, every single chat room requires functions that let players join, write messages and leave. I think all this could had the multiplayer do itself for the user instead of having to go trough all the events. I think these are features that nobody would change anyway. Also, many commands written in the actions are not even included in the expression code list as far I noticed. I know this is probably so far the easiest way to make multiplayer compared to classic coding but I think the engine could lift a bit more of the chores that the user is expected to do so far. So yeah, unless I just copy all events from examples that I don't understand and can prey that it will work, I personally as none coder can consider multiplayer features as unusable or the examples are shown too difficult for my simple thinking. Maybe multiplayer isn't just for me no matter how hard ill try...

  • I disagree 100%. What your requesting is removing flexibility of design into a forced narrower use. By your design i would not be able to design my game.

    Ashley had done fantastic wonders to minimize WebRTC to the simplest yet flexible form.

    I made the statement back when we first started hearing about the official plugin.

    "Even with an official plugin. Implementing multiplayer is going to be a large hurdle and blow peoples brains out". Ashley blog post even mentioned that it's been simplified, but needs to maintain flexibility.

    Keep at it. I would suggest studying multiplayer communication theory rather than working from Events sheets.

  • A dynamic lighting and shadows engine would make my year, seriously

  • lolpaca: They posted a preview of that on facebook actually! It's in the works, it seems!

    As for suggestions,

    • Apply Origin/Collision/Crop in Animation Folder

    Sometimes I need to apply changes to an animations size, collision box, origin, image points, or whatever, but only to animations in a certain folder. It can get tedious to go through all of them sometimes, so this sort of thing would help.

    -Vertex Painting/Texture Blending

    In 3D, you can create non-tiled objects by having a base tiled texture, and then applying a second tiled texture on top and painting in the opacity. I imagine this would work very similarly to using layered imagemaps, but without being locked to a grid. Like if you combined tiled backgrounds, imagemaps, and the sprite editor.

    I'm sure that's a lot easier said than done, but it would help a lot with creating unique levels that aren't tile-based.

  • WOOOOOW! Indeed, this image is on Scirra's facebook page!!!

    I can't wait to see this in practice!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Scirra

  • Haven´t used C2 for quite some time now but when it gets native exporters for android/iOS and some proper built in monetization (chartboost, Upsight and so on) I´ll gladly start using it again.

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  • Would it be possible to have multiple colors and/or icons for Groups?

    For example, either a color drop down in the Edit Event Group popup, or being able to right click on the Group and have a color option in the standard popup.

    I typically use a mind map or google doc / spreadsheet as my blueprint or design doc, and it eventually gets messy and tedious to jump back and forth between C2 and those files to make sure they're in sync.

    I think having multiple color/icon options for groups would eliminate the need for 90%+ of the content in those other docs for smaller projects in addtion to possibly being able to do my brainstorming directly in C2 instead by using a combination of the group description and colors/icons according to priority and completion. This should allow me to get the visual representation I need for organization without having to jump in and out of C2.

  • Mentioned before but I would support this as well - the ability to turn off WebGL in the editor would be most helpful.

  • Maybe this is more of a reflection of the 'brainstorm & chaotic' style of development that my brain prefers..

    I would like to see some sort of global layer control. For example, if I want to create an interstitial layer between 2 others (add a new UI feature or some-such, for example) then it's a massive pain to create a new layer on each layout because the new layer has to be renamed, repositioned in the hierarchy etc. C2 does copy-paste of objects really well, but this type of game modification is a real slog.

    +1 for the globaly layer and/or similar, project management related stuff.

  • More built-in token functions for delimited lists. ie. tokenfind, tokendelete, tokenappend -- yes, you can use dictionaries and arrays for this, but direct functions would be quicker and easier to deploy for short string lists.

  • Only Only Android Native Export !!!

  • As Soulmachine said: something to help with AI creation, and native android export.

  • Hexagonal and Isometric Tilemap support. Please?

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