What Features Do You Want To See In The Future C2?

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  • +1 for the steam plugin

    +1 for the Steam file associations

    A0Nasser both things are already possible

    • Conti
  • SgtConti

    Where can i find these option's.

  • A0Nasser in the Audio plugin you can find both options:

    Set Master Volume


    • Conti
  • SgtConti

    Yes but this is for single sound not all sounds.

    What i mean is preload all sounds and master volume all sounds.

    I hope Ashley add this to the new releases.

  • A0Nasser

    The preload function is something where you simply could make a function where you define to preload every single sound/song, it may be many actions, but it works.

    The Set master Volume is = Set volume of ALL sounds.

    • Conti
  • Interfaces are hard

    When working in Construct 2 the no:1 thing I miss the most are a kind of "Windowed Interface"

    Which means for example:

    something to be able to create simple menus, "OK,Cancel" menus that pop up. Or to make an easy Options Menu without having creating so many single objects. Like a X-button (to close a window), all the mouse over sprites for the options in the menu.

    It would be nice to have something that you can create on top over your game to avoid having to use a dedicated layout for a simple Pause-Menu or something similar like that.

    Basically something which allows you to create a simple User Interface to control things in your game. Imagine you had a big RealTimeStrategy game, with tons of options for your buildings, units, cities and so on...

    The no:2 thing I miss

    To develop the "Drag and Drop" behaviour with things like:

    select an object, using selecting boxes to select multiple objects

    to be able to have a "Is Selected" condition in your Event Sheet

    Sometimes you want to have a game that uses a lot of point-click from the player. Select a building, a card, "destroy" an object ( by clicking on an X-button ), select several units drawing a selection-box with your mouse/touch.

    The no3

    Something to help programming AI - like a built in Finite State Machine.

    The no3-1/2

    A behaviour for NonPlayerCharacters

    This could be: Chase, Flee, Wandering, Patrolling...

    The no4

    More inputs like sliders, check-boxes, radio-buttons.

    As I am a sound-artist and composer that works a lot with sound I feel I miss this. I'm not sure if anyone else do

    I rather prefer to add new functions that simplify complicated or time consuming processes in your programming - over flashy effects. Of course I like both worlds But if I had to choose one...

    Thanks for such a Creative and Inspiring editor.

  • Maybe this is more of a reflection of the 'brainstorm & chaotic' style of development that my brain prefers..

    I would like to see some sort of global layer control. For example, if I want to create an interstitial layer between 2 others (add a new UI feature or some-such, for example) then it's a massive pain to create a new layer on each layout because the new layer has to be renamed, repositioned in the hierarchy etc. C2 does copy-paste of objects really well, but this type of game modification is a real slog.

  • I don't know how I forgot this but: MIDI support. Instead of using audio files, especially for some kind of "retro-ish" games, a proper MIDI file playback engine will do wonders! And if it supports a per channel control (mute, solo, volume, pan...), incredible possibilities for dynamic scores unravel, with (practically) no memory cost.

  • My wishlist contains:


    1. SVG support

    2. midi playback

    3. mp4 playback

    4. Visual-Timeline in the:

    ....a) image editor

    ....b) scene editor

    Not sure how many of this points are possible through "plugins" or how well they are working. But I think these are essential things that should be integrated in the main-functions of C2.

  • Hm, maybe we all can use the benefit of a Poll-System, to get a bit organization in feature-wish-list. Everyone can add his "want-to-have-feature" into the list, and trough the ranking system it should be easier for the Dev´s to track the most important feature from the user-base, which they could add in a near future. Through the ranking list, they also have a, you could say, priority list. I know the Poll-System "strawpoll.me" (here´s a example: "strawpoll.me/1257710/r" ) . Maybe there are better Systems out there if anyone know... (can´t post URLs, cause i am very new to the C2 community. Therefore you can add a "http://" before every adress )

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  • My primary concerns are performance and rock-solid export options for iOS/Android with memory management. However, I'd love something that would help us set up dialogue boxes and similar things - you could use it for UI, or for displaying conversations.

  • 1. Timeline animation for layout, layer & objects

    2. Steam plugin

    3. Export to PS4 and XBOX

    4. Google Play - Multiplayer Services Plugin

    5. Atmosphere fx engine for Rain, Clouds, fog and more

    6. Construct 2.5 / 3D With The Same UI, and event system

    I Love Construct...

  • I'm sorry there a mistake in my old post, What i mean by master volume all sound is add to all sound's x db not make all sounds x db.

    If i have 5 sounds : sound 1 playing on "-5 db", and sound 2 "10 db".....etc , The new feature will add or subtract X db from all sounds.

    This Will be very helpful for making Sound control in the game main menu.

  • And also fade sound in and out feature, will be very awesome to add to the new releases.

  • A0Nasser , I remember that tulamide had made a topic with some audio specific suggestions not so long ago. I think that all points mentioned there are still missing and some of them include in a way most of the things you mention about the audio plugin https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=88745.

    I am saying this just to prove that the audio part in C2 does indeed require attention, in its current state it has some over the top futures (Doppler effect) and it lacks some basic stuff, like panning, a quick and easy way to do mixes, fades, synching e.t.c.

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