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  • Hi Ashley

    Thank you for an awesome product, C2 rocks!

    I was wondering, if you guys would consider adding scaling to the pin behaviour?

    I'm used to working with code, and I could really use a 'container' feature in C2.

    Not the type of container, that C2 already uses, but something where you could add body parts to a group, and then move/scale as one.

    The pin behaviour works pretty well for this, but it lacks the scaling feature. If there was an option to scale in proportion with the parent sprite, this would solve a lot of my problems.

    I'm sure many of us would find this very useful

    Thank you!

  • I think what you're used to calling 'containers' are called 'families' in C2.

    You could put all your body parts in a family and scale the whole family.

  • Hi spacedoubt

    Thank you for your suggestion

    While you can scale the whole family as one, each body part seems to scale according to its registration point, and not where it is 'pinned' on the body.

    This is a problem, as the body parts end up in the wrong place.

    If you have any workarounds for this, it would be awesome.

    Thank you in advance!

  • see if this helps ya out, or at least maybe sparks some ideas..

    scalefamily capx

    note the origin points on the sprites.

    (ignore that create sprite line.. forgot to delete it)

  • Hi spacedoubt

    Thank you heaps for taking the time to make the sample. I will definitely use this technique in my games.

    The problem is that it still seems like a reasonably long winded workaround. The other issue is that I'm also tweeting individual body parts at random intervals, so at times the action points might clash.

    It gets quite complicated, and I feel like it would be a 100x easier with a group/container feature as described in my first post.

    I found 'Rex's plugins', which has 'pin to image point'.

    This however doesn't seem to load when I copy it into the plugins folder (must be an old/un-updated version).

    Thanks you again for your help!

  • Hi spacedoubt

    It was a little time consuming, but I managed to get exactly what I need, using your suggestion.

    Thank you again for all your help!

    Ashley - if you guys would consider adding scaling to the pin behaviour or giving the option of scaling family objects according to a pin, and not just a registration point - I would be eternally grateful

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  • Ninjadoodle No problem!

    I'm sure there are other ways to pull it off (There always is).. Another that comes to mind is you could put all of those objects on their own layer and scale that layer.

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