Feature Request - Ghosting frames in Image Editor

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  • It would be nice to have the ability to see the next/previous frame from animation strip in the background in image editor while editing a frame. The next/previous frame could have adjustable opacity option for better preview.

  • +1 for onion skinning!

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  • +1! I'd find this useful mainly for origin point alignment if it was to move the previous/next image according to origin-points :P

  • +1

    I would go a (big) step further and ask for a native timeline. That would be awesome!!!

  • I usually do my artwork outside of Construct 2 but I guess this would be handy

  • I usually do my artwork outside of Construct 2 but I guess this would be handy

    same. But i could def see how this could be useful for some users

  • +1

  • Why anyone would want C2 as animation editor? that's not necessary.

  • Ehm. C2 games typically include animation of some kind, I believe. I could be mistaken, though!

  • Nice Idea. I second Jase00, I could see this really being useful for origin and image point placement.

  • I see arguments for both sides. I edit final art mainly in photoshop, but I prototype in Scirra. Onionskins would make that faster, and I would probably export the temp sprites and draw the final art over them if they were lined up nice.

    But, I also see that if this feature gets added it's going to create a flood of supporting requests, that if I was the coder I would take as a big strike against. Marketing, however, may argue with the coder, because a claim of onion skinning is a great selling point.

  • I think that onion skinning is low down on the list of priorities for the image editor. The image editor/animation editor is the weakest part of C2 now and is in need of some love <img src="smileys/smiley27.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It needs to be streamlined and a more elegant gui created for it. Curently there can be up to 5 floating windows depending on what is selected. This is incongruent with the rest of the C2 interface which is a non-blocking UI.

    If the image editor/animation editor had a mini timeline with play/scrubbing/transport controls with integrated animation list and preview it would be much nicer to work with. My biggest beef with it currently is not being able to marquee select several animation frames to delete or shift around which can be a big pain.

    Also replacing animations with a new animation is very clunky. You either have to replace in folder (which I prefer to not do), or delete all frames and re-import, or create a new animation with a dummy name then delete the old one and rename the dummy name with original name. Would be much better to have a replace animation option like you would in After Effects.

    I also do my sprites in external programs, but having a more functional sprite editor would make prototyping a more pleasurable experience :)

  • I agree with editing animation to make look proper gameplay is quite waste of time.

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