Exporting projects, a frustrating experience

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  • So I, along with a friend, created this simple Drum app with C2


    First thing was how impossible is to make it run in some devices. I tested it with:

    PC: Lots of trouble with loading images and sound effects, cache issues (old assets being loaded instead of new ones), black screens...after some tries, it worked.

    Ipod 5: Runs really great

    Ipad 1 and Iphone 3G: Really laggy. Chrome and Safari Crashes all the time.

    Nokia Lumia 720 and Samsung Galaxy Y: Laggy as well

    Android Tablets (I don't know wich model exactly, friends of mine have tested and worked fine)

    But the thing that disappointed me the most was exporting the project to iOS

    With a help of a friend, I exported the app using phonegap. The result was an app with a poor response time, really laggy. There`s no condition to release something like that on App Store.

    Now my friend is taking the assets to another acquaintance of us to develop it in X Code.

    It is very frustrating to dream about being capable of creating and releasing games and apps with Construct 2, only to reach this results at the end.

    I'd like to ask for orientation. There`s a better way to properly export a project for mobile? Why does all these issues happen?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Have you tried exporting with cocoonJS for iOS instead of phonegap ?

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  • PhoneGap has many issues, CocoonJS has had much more success. Scirra does not make phonegap, they just allow Construct to export to it. They can't fix issues with Phonegap. CocoonJS seems to be the better choice lately.

  • Phonegap doesn't really do canvas acceleration. Stick to CocoonJS.

  • You should be aware Dropbox seem to be having some hosting problems lately and sometimes fail to transmit files, which can break the project. It's a problem with Dropbox hosting rather than a C2 issue. It might work better if you use a real host (renting a cheap server is probably 10x better than Dropbox hosting).

    C2 games work best with iOS 6+, and on Android definitely should be using Chrome for Android instead of the stock browser. PhoneGap is known to have awful performance on Android and iOS, which is why we recommend using CocoonJS instead. Also for a music-based app you probably need support for the Web Audio API for low-latency audio playback - currently this is only supported on Chrome desktop and Safari for iOS 6+. Firefox are working on support too.

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