Export to NW.js problems - Breaks everything that works

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  • Hey guys,

    I was wondering if someone could help me.

    I'm currently exporting a large-ish Construct 2 project to NW.js (roughly 50-100 mb). Everything works fine in the debug-version/playable version from the engine, however when I export the game things that work fine, break. The main thing I appear to be having problems with is overlapping sprites and also overlapping sprites at offset (for example, if overlapping sprite, something happens).

    I honestly have no idea how to fix it because the game works fine, there are no bugs, in the engine version, and I have no idea how to fix these export version bugs or what's even causing them. Once more, these bugs appear randomly. For example, on my friends computer he'll have a bug in the export version, however on my computer the bug won't exist in the export version.

    I've also tried running it at different screen resolutions but once again it just appears random whenever these bugs occur.

    Does anyone have any solutions? I think it's something to do with the exporting process, because the de-bug/engine version works really well.

  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I have been experiencing a similar issue lately.

    Everything works fine in debug mode but as soon as I export my project to NW.js it all goes south.

    However, in my project, the overlay effects break.

  • Right... well I'm not gonna lie, that's slightly worrying ><. Could it be the NW.js version? Should I try some previous versions of NW.js?

  • What version of NW are you using?

    Latest is here: https://www.scirra.com/nwjs

    although some say v10.5 is better (more stable?).

  • I'm using the latest version (9th March). Wouldn't the v10.5 have the Chromium 38 bugs in (with the frame stutter?)

  • NW v10.5 is only version that works decently with our game, but we also found that we need to use Construct 2 r192 (anything newer or older breaks our game)

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  • How would I revert my NW back to v10.5? I know how to revert back to C2 r192 (although do you think I'd get any errors?), but I'm not to sure how to go back to NW 10.5.

  • Download the older version from github here and substitute the nw.exe file in the win32 folder in C:\Program Files\NodeWebkitForC2 with the one from the one you downloaded.

  • Okay I'll try that. Thanks. I'll give it a go and come back with any feedback. Hopefully it'll fix things ><.

  • So I've been trying with NW.js v 10.5... and as far as I can tell, the same random issues seem to be occurring. I'm just sending the build off for testing, to clarify whether or not this is the case... but I don't expect the results to be positive.

    Not to sure what to do. Will keep checking over the build to ensure there aren't any bugs in my code, but right now I'm feeling like I might even have to release this game (which I've spent 2 months on) for free and move onto my next game on a different engine. A desktop export which may or may not work just isn't good enough, and isn't something I can charge for.

  • Try using the latest from Scirra, and turning off minification.

    Ashley confirmed bug

  • K3yshadow did it ever work without bugs in Node?

    Since Node is just a paired down version of Chrome I wouldn't think it's the export. And since you tested with earlier versions of Node/C2 and you are still getting the bug it seem highly unlikely it's Node. Only saying that because this issue would have come up in the past 6 months with something as basic as OnOverlap

    Could it be a performance issue? How is the FPS and cpu_utilisation?

    I would try to snippet the code that is not working or behaving buggy and put that in it's own project. Then export to Node and see if you can reproduce it. If so, then you'll have something to submit to Ashley

  • So who wants to do the bug report?

  • I thought it was common knowledge that things work a little differently on export. So technically we've all been doing the bug report. For a long time.

  • Well this is an identifiable bug.

    Minification is breaking the current build.

    I don't know if its the op's issue, since there's no word back yet.

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