Can you explain me these C2 things?

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  • Hi, I read the pages of the fabolous manual but I don't understand yet any things...

    Can you post an example for these things or explain me? (Ps. i'm italian sorry for bad english)

    Start page: OK

    Ribbon Tabs: OK

    The layout view: OK

    The properties Bar: OK

    Project bar and Layers Bar: OK

    Object bar: OK

    Status Bar: OK

    Event sheet: Add event - sub event - include - condition -

    group - comment - action - variable - disable - OR - Else : OK

    Image and animation editor: OK

    Keyboard shortcuts: OK

    0. WHAT IS THE CONFIGURATIONS BAR? (I havent the c2license.txt yet)

    Project settings:

    1. Pixel rounding

    2. Fullscreen in browser: (WHERE IS "ON" ?)

    3. Use iOS retina dispay

    4. Sampling

    5. Clear background

    Layout properties:

    Layer properties:

    6. Force own texture

    7. Scale rate

    8. Parallax in editor

    9. Preferences/ Language / Language: l3375p34k

    10. Preferences/ language / Translators: Generate template

    Project Bar:

    11. Files: What can I do with files <> than sounds & music?


    Jump-thru: OK

    Solid: OK

    Anchor: OK

    Bound to layout: OK

    Destroy outside layout: OK

    Drag & Drop: OK

    Fade: OK

    Flash: OK

    12. Pin: ACTION: Pin to Object < Mode: BAR STYLE

    Scroll To: OK

    Wrap: OK

    13. 8Direction: ACTION:Reverse (It doesn't work)=>Can you post an example?

    Bullet: OK

    Car: OK

    14: Custom movement: PROPERTIES: Pixel per step: 5

    15. Phisics:

    ACTIONS: Set stepping iterations =>Can you post an example which show the difference between 2 games changes these 2 parametres( velocity iterations and position iterations?)

    ACTIONS: Set stepping mode

    ACTIONS: Create limited revolute joint (there isn't this on manual)

    Platform: OK

    Rotate: OK

    16. Sine: PROPERTIES < WAVE < Triangle





    Thank you for answers


  • you want everything even the stuffs you wrote OK after it?? or what?

  • Ahahahha :P

  • there are 16 questions. i don't ask to answer all 16 to me

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  • Uh? Too much.

    I think you don't deserve the RTFM badge hahahaha

    Following tutorials you would learn all of this by yourself. First of all, do that.

  • 0. It serves no purpose atm.

    1. It rounds drawing to the nearest pixel as (as opposed to fraction of pixel drawing)

    2. Everything but off is on, you have 4 ways to try.

    3. Just what it says. It's higher resolution or something. Google it.

    4. Like most of these you can get an idea of what it does by experimenting. Linear makes re-sized images smooth, nearest makes them blocky.

    5. Click on it in the editor and read the description for it on the bottom of the screen.

    6. Useful when using draw effects (or blend modes in r100+).

    7. It's a factor that allows that layer to zoom more or less when you zoom it in game.

    8. It allows you to visualize your layer settings in the editor as opposed to only in game.

    9. K3Wl lAnGuag3

    10. No idea. Perhaps it helps in the creation of a custom translation.

    11. You can add files that you can access with the AJAX object.

    12. Do a test to see what the difference is from the other modes. There are also example capx in C2's install folder.

    13. I believe it makes to object move in the opposite direction if it's moving.

    14. It's used in stepping mode for more precise collision detection.

    15. In the add action dialog click on them and read the descriptions at the top of the dialog. You can do the capx yourself and note any differences.

    16. Think zig-zag.

  • Your awesome! Not my questions, but seeing the time you took to answer...very cool! It took me a while to notice #5 and it helped me a lot once i started using it.

    I learned a great deal by studying the example files that came with the download. You can study the event sheets and the sprites behaviors etc.

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