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  • Making a mobile game I find my focus is constantly on performance and file sizes, struggling a bit I recently converted my project from sprite sheet animations to the Spriter SCML plugin and so I thought I would share my results.

    (For those unaware of the Spriter SCML plugin read on here: ... onstruct-2)

    My hope primarily was that I would get some increase in FPS, sadly this wasn't the case although it did stay consistent with sprite sheets.

    I did however get some really nice savings in project size, my levels typically consist of two main characters per level, each level was averaging at 96Mb and this was cut down to 54Mb, almost 50% and made a significant impact on load times.

    Additionally where I had limited animations to 18fps they are now silky smooth.

    Almost too smooth as I would be happy to sacrifice a few frames of updates for added performance but I don't think this is possible.

    As someone not accustomed to animating I found Spriter simple and easy to use (save as resized saved my life!), my only gripe would be that it can be a little buggy though it is, I believe, still in development.

    I don't know how many of you are already using Spriter and especially the SCML plugin but I'd recommend giving it go, for me it was worth the extra effort.

    Hope this was useful to someone!

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  • Sounds about right. Animation is mostly tackled by the gpu, and the bottlenecks are usually cpu, and/ or logic related.

    While multi-object animation will have a bit more draw on the cpu, there is a good chance you wont notice frame skips like you would with... frames.

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