Will we /ever/ see C2 on OSX ?

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  • I only have a Windows machine to run C2. However, all my other apps are on my Mac's. Is there /any/ chance we're going to see it on OSX?

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  • I'm not Scirra, but based on their previous responses the answer is 'not in the near future'.

  • We're asked this constantly, but as a 3 man company we just don't have the resources. Since we're asked it so much, we are considering what we could do for the long term future.

  • Have you guys considered looking into MonoDevelop? That might be one way to support Windows, Mac, and Linux with one codebase.

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  • I would like to throw my support behind supporting OSX and would do almost anything* needed to see it happen natively. I am switching to a more iOS focused development path right now so being able to use C2 in OSX natively would be nice =) I tried using various Wine options but no go so resorted to using Parallels which works for now.

    *anything involving lemurs or more money than I can count in pennies is off the table.

  • Hi WildShroom,

    At the moment I run Construct 2 on Mac via parallels desktop. To be honest, it is very likely running on Windows. I have worked with C2 on Mac for nearly a month and can't find any issue here. In addition, the speed is really fine although I only have a mid 2012 Mac 13 with min opt.

    Also, I develop cross platforms app for iOS , Android, BB and even WP8. Everything work fine on Mac.


  • While an OSX version would be cool, I think it's reasonable to expect people to be able to save up for VMware Fusion and Windows 8 licenses. It's a solid solution for Construct 2 development and has the obvious upside of allowing you to run other Windows-specific software as well.

    I think this is something you have to be aware of as a user of an OS that doesn't even hold a quarter of the market shares of the leading OS.

  • Construct 2 to the Devil's OS? Lord forbid!

  • Construct 2 to the Devil's OS? Lord forbid!Devil's OS? Bill Gates?

    I'd say that these days Larry and Sergey are the devils...

  • I feel for you OSX guys. It's the only reason I keep to Windows. A few critical applications that run on Windows. Scirra however is looking for employee's so who knows. Maybe in a year or two :) I plan to get a used Mac Mini in the near future for pushing IOS products. Having the option to run C2 on it would be fantastic :)


    Totally not helpful. Sciraa is a business. They will do whatever they should be doing to run the buisiness.

  • Running C2 in Parallels on a Mac is not really running it on a Mac. It is running it in a Windows environment and I suppose I should ask how long to see it run in OSX, not on a Mac. I haver Parallels and don't like handling things like this unless I must. I guess I will wait.

  • Linux would be much better have to switch my OS every time I want to program with C2.

    But with OSX support I could programm with my macbook which I realy hate but ok :D

  • Linux would be much better have to switch my OS every time I want to program with C2.

    But with OSX support I could programm with my macbook which I realy hate but ok :D

    agreed, since you don't have to pay for a linux license, but you have to for a windows license, and as far as I know, OSX is the same mentality as windows in that case

  • If there's C2 on the Mac I would drop my windows laptop in a beat :P

    Mainly because I'm also doing iOS development at the same time so having just to use one laptop for everything would be awesome.

    Unfortunately I don't have enough space on my macbook to install windows 7 bootcamp so that's out of the question.

    All things aside, I would prefer the team to focus on making C2 even more awesome on one platform rather than going multi-platform with mediocre results :)

  • Just out of curiosity, what's with the hate towards windows? I have never had problems with windows since like Windows 98,XP,Vista(It was slow but wasn't unreliable),7.

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