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  • I just passed 600 events on a game in progress and I�m experiencing some lag in the program. It keeps freezing for a couple of seconds, making it hard get some work done. Does this have anything to do with the number of events? It started on 599 events,using 47 Mb of memory. Or is it something else? Have anyone else got this problem?

  • My game has about 3500 events and is working just fine. It could be something else

  • Might be too many objects/giant textures in your layouts. Like notion, my projects have thousands of events with no lag! Maybe check for graphic driver updates?

  • My game has 1000+ events and 60mb of memory usage, I get sometimes when clicking, I notice the Layers toolbar goes funny and that when certain layouts with less Layers are selected, there's less lag. Bit random but yeah.

  • I�ve starting saving the projekt as a caproj instead of a capx file. Seems to have reduced the problem a bit, but not completely.

  • how many tabs are open? (layouts, event sheets...)

    how many objects(+/-) you have per screen/layout?

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  • Jase00 you get that issue too? Aha, so it's not just me!

  • sqiddster Yeah! I looked into it and found a workaround though yesterday. <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I think when you open an event sheet or "Loose focus on an event sheet thats opened, like when adding an action, then returning focus", it will load each layout that has the eventsheet loaded (for reasons I'm not sure). I'm guessing you also have lots layouts with lots of layers and lots of sprites placed around, so when you even click a single layout thats not loaded, it will take 1 second to load.

    Now; since the event sheet is loaded for each layout, that means every layout that has the event sheet will cause an extra +1 seconds of waiting time when you focus on the EventSheet. For me, it comes to about 5 seconds (It seems faster the less time Construct 2 has been open)

    SO THE IDEA IS, have an eventsheet that literally just contains an "include" sheet to your MAIN eventsheet that was originally on all tha layouts, then on each layout, make sure it loads this new eventsheet.

    After doing this, It removed ALL the lag from clicking onto the eventsheet that I use, and the "Include" eventsheet lags instead (but you'll never need to click it, so hooray <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

  • Jase00 Yep, I'm in the same situation. Cool workaround.

    I tried to file a bug report about this a while back, but it was closed because I couldn't attach my capx. Anyone have a large enough capx they'd be willing to send to Scirra?

  • , you reminded me of a bug I reported a while back.

    If you double click on a layout and during that loading glitch, hover your mouse cursor over any eventsheet, it would crash Construct 2. Ashley suggested for me to email my project but I forgot to empty it out from third-party plugins and I never sent a cleaner version, yet mysteriously, this particular crash seems to be fixed since an update.

    Here's the old bug report.

    I always thought I was the only one getting the weird loading flickeryness so I never thought to report it, but the crash was a bad thing to me. Maybe it's to do with a computers processor, so Ashley would never come across this bug due to his computer being highly powerful and loading everything instantly :P Probably not. Hmm, hopefully this can be explained anyway.

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