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  • Hi,

    My friend and I are working on a game. We use github to collab.

    Recently, our file became unreadable!!!

    "Error reading end tag.

    Line 1420 column 5."

    I tried opening the caproj file its only 218 lines...

    What do we do?

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  • I checked your link. It seems they had an error in the html code...

    Here is where I am confused. It says error in line 1420 column 5.

    Here is the relevant code. Can anyone spot the error??? All help is appreciated!

    <animation framecount="1" loop="0" name="Facility" pingpong="0" repeatcount="1" repeatto="0" sid="221869823932525" speed="5">

    <frame duration="1" hotspotX="0.433449" hotspotY="0.674716" original-source="C:\Users\Craig\Desktop\Construct 2 Content\STORM AREA 51!\Artwork\Buildings\The_Facility_02.png">


    <point x="0.0289352" y="0.0710227" />

    <point x="0.5" y="0.103693" />

    <point x="0.844907" y="0.380682" />

    <point x="0.844907" y="0.619318" />

    <point x="0.041088" y="0.899148" />

    <point x="0.0243056" y="0.5" />




    <animation framecount="1" loop="0" name="BigHangar" pingpong="0" repeatcount="1" repeatto="0" sid="273101465027209" speed="5">

    <frame duration="1" hotspotX="0.400826" hotspotY="0.451713" original-source="C:\Users\Craig\Desktop\Construct 2 Content\STORM AREA 51!\Artwork\Buildings\BigHangar.png">

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