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  • I went to open my game today to do some work and got a error message.

    Error reading end tag

    line 1129, column 35

    can not open the CAPX ..... I hope i have not lost this project, any Ideas?

    it was fine last night when i saved it.....

  • Can you upload the .capx for us to look at? We may be able to recover it.

  • Thanks for responding Ashley,

    i attempted the upload, it said file contains extension not on white list.

    I have an idea on what could have caused the problem...

    I went to the start page and opened a "new project" while editing the original game, to do some test runs on a new idea.

    the program opened a new "layout1 and event sheet1" inside my current project. when i got ready to close out i saved with the disk icon at top left of screen, and closed the window. it prompted me to save the "new project" I replied no.

    since this was open in my original program, and then removed... it may have caused the error. "just an idea"

    but at any rate... i had not made many changes, if you can tell me how to restore the original, it is uploaded to the arcade as "roman tower" i could start from there. Thanks for your help again.

  • No, don't upload it to the arcade (that's for publishing finished games), just put the .capx file in a public Dropbox folder.

  • dont mean to bother you,

    but have had time to look at it yet?

  • Here's the "fixed" version (at least you can open it in C2) (still uploading on time of post, if it doesn't work right away, try waiting a bit and downloading it later)

    Apparently, you have instance variables using the very same name as your object. Also the instance variable's name start with a number (20feet, 40feet).

    Strange thing is: to correct, I modified the name of the instance variable in the xml file (changed it to simply "feet") but once opened in C2, the IV name still appears as the original (20feet, 40feet) and has no value anymore.

    I suggest you to modify the instance variable name to simply feet, the value allowing you to know what number of feet you're currently in.

    This is just a fix so that you can still work with your project, there's something strange going on there anyway, I guess Ashley will have a look at it at some point.

  • thanks for all the help

    you guys are awesome!

  • It turns out this is caused by instance variables with a number at the beginning of the name ("20feet"). I've fixed this in the next build so instance variables with this name are not allowed, so the problem should not happen again.

  • cool,

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  • Kyatric, can you look and see whats wrong with this?

  • Well it's more up to Tom there.

    Firebug raises a

    .frames is undefined in c2runtime.js (line 166)

    Looks like something is going wrong there. Maybe images that were lost in the process or something ?

    I'm close to clueless and powerless here though.

  • hmmm.... i uploaded it 3 dif times.   and it plays fine on the server i use,

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