error with admob plugin in Cocoon.IO (line 233)

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I've noticed this error

    whats extra weird is that when i first install / setup / use the plugin i don't seem to get this error.. but when i close c2.. come back later and open / run the project this error happens..

    Maybe there is something i can set in the project to give the cocoon io plugin a pass? i seem to recall awhile back there was some setting that could be done "is canvas+" or something somewhere that helped mitigate this in other situations..



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  • NOTE: the admob stuff plays fine in app form.. this problem only seems to occur when wanting to run a test game on a local browser.

  • it does not work on PC .. test it on device

  • It's not that I expected to work on the PC I just want to be able to see everything else.

    I have used other AdMob plug-ins before that didn't create this problem.

    Usually plug-ins that are mobile device specific are ignored.

    I am currently getting around it by removing the plug-in for the time being but there must be a way to circumvent the plug-in so I can keep it in there because every time I want to make a change to the game it means I have to delete the plug and then re-add it later which is ridiculous.

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