Enable / Disable Force Own Texture Layer

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  • It's a suggestion.

    Is possible to add new feature enabling and disabling force own texture each layer in system actions?

  • Hello Joannesalfa I don't have C2 in front of me, but out of curiosity is that not one of the properties you can access through events?

  • BluePhaze yes, via events. It basically means system actions as response to the system conditions.

  • Why do you need this specifically? When making feature suggestions you should always provide a use case, so we know why it's important.

  • Ashley to mantain the performance due to force textures may consume CPU a lot, it's very long to explain. So we use it as GUI elements like scrollbar, dialog, special effects and some scenes, then we toggle it off to return the gameplay.

    Similiar to enabling and disabling layer with webGL effects.

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  • What performance tests have you done that show this is an important factor in performance and what memory use/framerate differences does it make?

  • Ashley some months ago, i made flashlight mode in my retro game, when i use force texture, it resulted like 40-80% CPU and average 27 fps. Sometimes it may cause spike lag.

    Then, i made a fake sprite like black image with alpha hole, without using force own texture, it resulted 10-30% CPU and average 59 fps.

    There a lot of tests, using force texture it could consume a lot of CPU on mobile devices may lag, but i can't remove a layer in runtime.

  • Can you share .capxs showing the performance difference? We're really pushed for time so we prefer to put off features unless there's proof it's genuinely necessary (and not some mistake in the test or something).

  • Ashley Give me a few days because I'm kinda busy, I have a .caproj complex has a mechanic that should separate for a .capx

    About performance test, depends what hardware you use, it is rendering speed in real time.

  • Bump. Can you guys FINALY add this...? Ashley Tom

  • You still haven't provided a use case. I don't think there is any technical reason "Force own texture" should increase the CPU usage, only GPU usage. So I want to see a .capx proving this, otherwise we're adding a feature for the wrong reason, or no reason at all.

  • You still haven't provided a use case. I don't think there is any technical reason "Force own texture" should increase the CPU usage, only GPU usage. So I want to see a .capx proving this, otherwise we're adding a feature for the wrong reason, or no reason at all.

    Seen that one coming. So predictable. W/e.

    Protip: summer is comming. Use some of the vaccation time and develop a game using your own software. From start to finish. Publishing - included. All platforms.

    You will quickly discover how many User's feature requests will suddenly start making sense.

    So we finaly won't need to explain the obvious, every bloody time. Believe it or not - but some of us are not teenagers and have ambition to produce something more then Cookie Clickers and Flappy Birds.

    One example/use case.

    Erase Mask ON/OFF.

  • We get an enormous volume of feature requests, and the best way for us to prioritise them is to understand why they are necessary. If someone says something like "please add a feature to make it look like objects are being juggled by a clown!" without providing any explanation why that's important. Then I have to weigh that up with say 100 other feature requests, and I just wonder "what's so great about making objects look like they are being juggled by a clown?" It doesn't sound essential and there was no justification, so I'll probably do something else first.

    I can't go and make a game that needs all 100 feature requests to see for myself, because there are so many requests, and they span genres, development styles, markets, platforms, environments and so on, I've got no chance. So I listen to what people say, but only if they describe why. If you look through this thread it's only people saying "please add it", and the only justification involved CPU usage which doesn't make any sense and wasn't backed up with a .capx demonstrating it.

    So if you want to turn an erase mask effect off, why wouldn't you just hide the layer instead?

  • I can understand the concern of ashley as, if the force own texture is ON, it is because it is required (if it was n0ot you would have letted it be off in the first place and so, the request there also does not make sense), and so turning it off just would break the desired effect (at least I never needed to trigger it at runtime).

    So it is not obvious why it is needed, apart from the mask but then it would be clever to request a better masking system.

    Not attacking, just saying that it was obvious that the earth was round nowadays but before the obvious thing was it being flat.

  • wow I really forgot this thread... let me see my old capx.

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