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  • How come I don't have webgl in windows 10 edge?

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/666 ... etect.capx

  • Update your graphics drivers? I'm not having any issues.

  • ATI, so not likely to happen.

    The whole Windows 10 experience has been a let down so far.

  • Same old same old

  • Dodgy drivers, suspect privacy settings, forced updates... Windows 10 seems to me like a proper horror show. I'd seriously consider downgrading if I was you

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  • In 2008 it was "first you need this shader support", then it was "ah but you have to use this latest version of DirectX".

  • i downgraded to Windows 7 after three weeks and returned the Windows Phone to Amazon.

    Win10 performance is bad, its unstable and crashing, the already mentioned privacy settings are a bad joke, Edge is far from what they anounced it to be and if this wasnt enough the whole Windows 10 Universal App is a (not even really working) pain in the ass, so far its only Windows 10 Desktop, not universal, no chance to install the compiled app on an Windows Phone.

    So far, i didnt see anything better on Windows 10. Its like 8 or 8.1, a complete disaster and i try not to think about that this is the Windows for the next ten years.

  • The os itself isn't that bad, it's pretty much like 7.

    The whole "get windows 10" thing was nothing but a waste of time.

    What gets me is I have all the other browsers with webgl working.

    Yep, I can use webgl, just not with the browser that comes from the operating system I'm using.

    It's like dealing with Internet Explorer all over again.

    Microsoft, legacy.

  • newt out of curiosity, how old is your ATI card? Old enough to be branded as such? I myself have an AMD card -- Radeon HD 6850, if remember correctly -- and haven't had any issues with Windows 10 drivers.

  • strange.. Windows10 has really worked well for me... made my 2 year old laptop that much better to use.

    I've found edge to be found, but I currently prefer IE11 because it can still go full-screen. Edge is a work in progress.

    compared to the limited hardware platform that apple supports, and the lack of support for old hardware in android, I think Microsoft is doing a pretty decent job.

    I think edge needs a little more time, but so far, I'm happy with what I'm seeing.

    PS: I definitely think IE11/Edge is faster than chrome for most of the websites that I use.. a big change from a few years ago.

  • I got it in 2010, hd4200, integrated.

    Yeah, I know.

    Its not like it's terribly old. More like a mild form of leprosy.

  • Each browser has its own GPU blacklist tailored for the browser's own rendering engine, so it's possible WebGL works in some but not all browsers. It could just as easily work in Edge but not Chrome on another system. It's one of the downsides of HTML5, but the advantage is it removes the case of crashing on startup/severe glitches/bugs that basically ruin the game, which native apps can suffer from As ever, for development the latest and most up-to-date hardware and software is what you normally need...

  • Contacted AMD via Twitter, this was the link I was sent:

    https://community.amd.com/docs/DOC-1313 ... 189a7243c3

    No specific reason as to why, other than the change in wddm.

  • I have no problems with my AMD APU E-300 laptop that has an AMD Radeon HD 6310. The performance is actually better on Edge than it is on Chrome for me.

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