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  • hello my name is martin wood

    after purchasing construct 2 i found the phonegap options some what lacking for windows users who wish to export to ios

    so i decided to write some actionscript 3 code that will run html5 as a native app on iphone and i would like to offer the construct community the code as a welcome gift to the community as i am new to this forum

    you will need flash cs5.5 to use this code(yes i did purchase the full version no pirate version lol)

    anyway step one

    create a flash ios document leave this file blank

    then create a actionscript 3 class file for the document name the file main.as

    next step copy and paste this code in to the main file



         import flash.geom.Rectangle;

         import flash.media.StageWebView;

         import flash.filesystem.File;

         import flash.display.MovieClip;

         public class main extends MovieClip


              private var webView:StageWebView;

              public function main()


                   var url:String = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("html/index.html").nativePath;

                   webView = new StageWebView();

                   webView.stage = stage;

                   webView.viewPort = new Rectangle(0,0,stage.stageWidth,stage.stageHeight);




    then save both files the fla and the as file in the same folder then create a folder in the same directory called html

    next step add the folder html to the air for ios publish settings in flash

    next step

    open construct 2 and export your project as a html5 website to the html5 folder with full screen on crop enabled

    remeber to make your project to the iphone screen size

    once this is done return to flash and export your project with to air for ios

    pros:- easy ios and android export using adobe air

    cons:-can have some audio issues and some frame rate issues

    if anybody can improve on this method please post and let me know




    sorry for the grammer and spelling

  • I don't have flash cs5 but this is clever:)

    Thanks for sharing

  • i wish ashely make these in the new version of c2 because im really don't know these stuffs , i failed in something more easier than that lol , good luck ^^ and thanks!

  • What exactly is the advantage of this over PhoneGap? They both use the same phone browser, so isn't it quicker/easier just to use PhoneGap Build?

  • i dont suppose that there is any advantage between this method or phonegap i was aiming this at exsiting flash owners

    and as far as i can understand phonegap is that it requires a mac to compile to native app in xcode. And for windows users this can be difficult

    i know there are options like hackintosh or through virtualization but this violates apples terms

    and i am not clear on exactly how phonegap build services works so i apologise if i get this wrong but as far as i understand phonegap build does build native apps but only 1 app store ready app on the free service unless you subscribe to the paid service which can streach from 120 dollars to 900 dollars a year and i am sure that existing users have many game projects that they would consider app store material

    plus this could be a easy cross platform project for people to try eg

    construct 2 to flash to nativeapp which can be signed and submitted to the app store

    and just want to say construct 2 is a great program

  • i will continue working on the as3 code as well in the hopes of improving the code

  • crow34, PhoneGap Build doesn't require a Mac, you just upload a zip of the exported PhoneGap project and it can build an IPA. You do need a Mac to set it up and sign up for the Apple dev account though, but you can borrow one for that, and you'll need to do that anyway if you want to publish an iOS app.

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  • borrow a mac? where?

  • borrow a mac huh? besides publishing through adobe air i dont need a mac to sign my app or upload to the app store

  • Just go to the apple store,, there are lots of Macs available for you to use, all those people there are not buying, they are borrowing Macs :)

  • cmilian - you bumped a year-old thread that is out of date. For the record we strongly recommend publishing iOS/Android games using CocoonJS, since the performance of PhoneGap is usually very poor.

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