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  • My eyes are fried from nearly 30 years of staring into computer monitors - and applications with the familiar black on white basic themes.

    Even now, as I type this, the forum default colors are making it really difficult to see properly (I do know about inverting the colors of the display - fine here, but not fine in the Construct 2 environment).

    I know this topic has been addressed in at least 1 other thread, but I haven't found an acceptable way to alter the look of the Construct 2 interface. Too many light and pastel colors. My eyes can't take it anymore.

    Using Windows "High Contrast" themes makes some elements of the Construct 2 interface disappear - or, in the case of this forum, simply make white text on a pure black background.

    What is needed (for people like me)are themes which the major software developers have realized work for veteran computer users (darker grey background with off white text and mildly colorful icons - think Photoshop).

    Does anyone know of an interim solution to this issue?



  • Yes, please give us dark grey or something! When I came across this feature in After Effects, I was in love. I was able to work longer with less strain on my eyes and less head aches.

  • Third

    Websites are not a book. A book reflects light. A monitor generate light. I would like a DARK theme for both the website and C2.

    I know the common belief that a white background is professional, but that entire concept is just mass subjective belief. Where as eye strain is has physical and behavioural effects.

  • I too very much want a dark theme. Even better would be the ability to set the color of every element of the interface in the preferences. Then we could make it look exactly how we want. If that would be difficult, a dark grey with lighter grey text would be great (lower contrast, bright white text on black bothers me as much as bright white background with black text).

  • +1 Ashley

  • +1

    Me like custom interfaces

  • +1 Here as well.

  • +1

  • +1 From me too, I love this about all the other applications I use. Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush.... and so on!

    It really does make things easier on your eyes, not nearly as many headaches.

  • I write in WriteMonkey on dark background with a soft blue for text. It certainly is easy on the eyes for hours and hours.

    I support the suggestion and add to it: make C2 interface skinnable and we'll provide the themes.

  • +150

    Every thing is dark grey at me (editor, desktop and so on), except construct 2

  • I remember making this suggestion and getting completely owned =)


    Anytime I write code for anything I always set my IDE to some soft of darker background so my eyes do not melt and drip out of my head.

    Absolutely agree with this post.

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  • Yeah, would be nice.

    Since the IDE is using the Fluent User Interface, maybe Scirra should try DotNetBar from DevComponents.

    They have all the Office themes, a few cool custom themes, Visual Studio 2012 inspired themes, and they work on any Win version from XP onward. The themes can all be made easily customisable for the end-user out of the box, or can be tweaked by the developer to look they way they want.

    They are very competitively priced, support is excellent, they release updates\bug fixes every Friday, and the forums are very lively if you need additional support.

    Who knows you just may find the bugs causing all the C2 crashes in the process....

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