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  • Well, these last three days my web server was dead, and until the support team fix it, I decided to upload the game to my dropbox (I'm doing for the HBGames challenge).

    After all done, finished upload and link copied, when I try to access the link he is eternally pressing a black screen and no game is displayed.

    I tried a lot but could not find anything about it.

    Did I do something wrong??


  • I think there was a "Black screen" bug in the latest version of construct.


  • uhm, and how do I fix this?

    is there any update patch available to resolve this bug?

  • For some reason, there has not been an update patch. There is a workaround in the thread, otherwise keep with the stable releases!

  • The reason there has been no update is because r81 is one of the first beta updates, intended for testing only, and likely to introduce new problems (and lo and behold, it did). If you want to avoid newly introduced problems, stick to stable releases - just set your update checking preference to stable updates only, and only install updates Construct 2 prompts you about. Otherwise you're opting in to test possibly broken new releases. I think we need to make this clearer though because a number of people seem to have run in to this thinking they're on a stable release for some reason.

  • Maybe if you differentiated the releases by adding the suffix "stable" and "beta" to the ends of each release that could link to a page with the differences and recommendations? Might make it clearer (though honestly I felt it was clear from the get go).

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  • Yes, I thought it clear too.

    What I would perhaps suggest is an easy way to roll back to the previous stable release, one you have realized there is a bug. I am sure for some people it would go like this:

    Download new release, new features

    Work a bit

    Realize there is a bug

    Can't do anything at all...

    I dunno.

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