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  • Download Construct 2 public preview 41

    Link to release 40

    New in this build: fullscreen in browser!

    <img src="">

    The 'Fullscreen in browser' option resizes the canvas to fill the entire browser window. This is especially good for phones and tablets where you want the web page to look like an app. Here's a simple test.

    In most browsers on desktop systems, you can also hit F11, and lo and behold, fullscreen gaming in HTML5!


    • [Feature] Fullscreen in browser (project properties)
    • [Add] WindowWidth and WindowHeight system expressions - useful when in fullscreen mode to get the current window size.
    • [Change] Double-clicking group headers toggles their expanded state instead of editing
  • Jeez, you're on rapid-fire today, Ash! XD Pretty sweet!

  • I didn't even got to test the build 40 oO.

    That was indeed fast!

  • ?

    also, am I the only one missing animations in construct 2.x or am I missing something (pun intended) ? i did some simple sprite replacing but it's pain in the ... back to replace single frame sprites to do animations, it's not the way it should be, right? animations on the way pretty please with sugar and cherry on top?

  • Animations are next on the agenda. It's a big job though, so releases might be a bit less frequent for a bit.

  • Fullscreen could be used make html5 webpages, anyone else thought about using construct for interactive web 2.0 sites? Maybe when sql and other stuff get added.

  • I think C2 is best suited for games and apps within webpages. If you use HTML5 canvas for entire websites, you run in to the same age-old problems of doing the same in Flash: google won't crawl it so you won't be indexed, your browser back/forward buttons don't work as expected, it's hard getting a URL to the specific page you want, poor accessibility, etc. etc. Flash has fixed some of these by virtue of being absolutely massive and all over the internet for years and years, but C2's canvas isn't there yet. In other words, stick to HTML for websites - use Canvas for games, banners and other interactive bits and pieces inside that. The fullscreen mode is for fullscreen games!

  • I have a question.

    Does the html5 runtime use vram? I'm pretty sure I heard some browsers were hardware accelerated and some weren't. Does that mean that C2 applications may or may not use vram depending on the browser?

    And we need animations in C2! (I know, you're on it) Are you waiting for Davo to do the image editor before you do animations? The website creation aspect of C2 really appeals to me, and animations are a must.

  • I'm a little behind with testing c2 releases but I've found an issue. Starting with 38.2 Sprites and TiledBackgound objects are not being drawn in the editor. But they are drawn just fine when running in the browser. Version 37 and earlier worked fine on my system.

    This only occurs on Windows XP with my intel graphics card. My Vista system with an ati graphics card works fine.

    I imagine the issue my be the intel graphics card, which is fairly old. Since 38.2 supports non power of two textures I tried power of two textures to see if maybe the intel chipset doesn't support non power of two, but the textures were still not drawn in the editor.

    Here is my system and graphics card caps if it is helpful:

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  • Ah, thanks for the info dump - looks like the fallback when non-power-of-two textures are not supported isn't working. I'll see if I can fix for the next build.

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