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  • I agree with pretty much everything on that list.

    Edit: Eh nevermind I need to quit talking shit about MMF

  • Can't have a CS2 release without the bashing, huh

    Okay, then, I've to remain true to my title of the veteran bugfinder...

    I attempted to import numerous sprites (256 of them), so I decided to import them directly into the .capx. I open the file with 7-zip file manager, dump the whole lot of images (tile-1.png to tile-256.png) into Textures folder, then edit the .caproj file to include sprite objects.

    However, I get the following error whenever I try to open the project in C2:

    Failed to create file '\\?\D:\Users\Miha\AppData\Local\Temp\cap230F.tmp\Textures/tile1.png' for extracting archive'

    Two obvious errors here... the foreslash vs. backslash, also omission of - in the tile-1.png. I've tried renaming the file to tile1.png, etc., to no avail.

  • I'd like to hear your reasons why you think construct is better than mmf2.

    I disagree but I think this could be a very constructive discussion and give ashley and the others something to think about and correct in construct 2.

    Here's some of things that I think are more important:

    Mmf2 has countless extensions construct doesn't (among others, a online/networking plugin), is much more stable, the community is much bigger, the games made with it run perfectly with no compatibility problems in 99% of the time, but in the other hand lacked construct's awesome rts behavior, shadow casting and I preferred construct's way of handling variables.

    The extensions is something we are really excited about in C2, allowing Javascript extensions opens the door to millions of web developers out there, it really is an accessible way to write extensions (hell even I can write them!) Expect me to be making a lot of them at some point.

  • Arima i agree that Construct has a much nicer editor than MMF2 and some of your reasons but some of your reasons are also not that good. I still use MMF2 almost daily and know for a fact that some of your listed reasons are wrong, i don't want to turn this into a Vs thread but just correct you for some things and i will also explain why:

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- Working with multiple instances of an object is easier and makes more sense, no need to use any of that confusing 'spread value' stuff

    There is now a for each extension, not built into the system like Construct though but that's not much of a problem really. There are also other extensions which are good for this and spread as you say although that can be annoying but it works well once you know how to use it.

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- It's runtime (exe) is faster than MMF

    Is there any examples or comparison tests of this available? If you were comparing C1 with the regular version though i am sure that would be true and maybe for MMF2 HWA also but i have never seen any actual examples of it.

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- Families to easily have one bit of code control multiple different objects

    Possible and are called Qualifiers, maybe a borrowed construct idea because they are basically the same.

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- Event sheet includes so every time you want to edit your game's code you don't have to copy and paste your code to every single level again and again

    You can easily load multiple versions of the app and copy event groups, no problem at all really. Also there is Behaviors which are basically sub event lists so you can make a load of events and simply copy the object once.

    These options basically allow exactly the same thing in a easy way, having includes seems much nicer though but it's very much possible to do the same thing in MMF2.

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- No limitations on the number of variables

    • Can name the variables so you don't have to try to remember what each one does

    There is various extensions for this, it's much nicer in Construct but still not much of a problem for MMF2 either though. Since variables are linked to objects you can also easily have empty storage objects and name these, without extensions Construct has a nicer way of doing it though but not much of a problem either.

    You can easily name alterable strings and values also and since there is Behaviors for each object you could also extra events or stored notes for each also.

    [quote:3j2dnfkg]- There's two types of free versions if you really don't want to pay and aren't making money from games created with it. MMF has no free version, only a 30 day demo

    There is actually a free version that can make flash games but that is TGF2 and does not show the true power of MMF2, still it is free though. I don't consider that a good point though to be honest because there are many commercial apps that don't have a free version, some don't even have demos either.

    I won't go into too many reasons but i actually like MMF2 more than C1, i find it to be much better with coding options like LUA, DotNet, C#, C++, AS3, Javascript, OpenGL, Python (C1 also has though) and others also. Another reason is as other have said it has lots of great extensions, they are often very stable also and if there is bugs usually fixed fast. The main reason is MMF2 seems much more stable than C1 and not many crashes but if there is quickly fixed and i would rather just work with something i know to have less problems.

    Don't get me wrong think C1 is really great which is why i am here now and i also think it has some good improvements over MMF2 like with the editor, multiple effects and built in behaviors etc but in general i don't find that a big enough thing to make me stop using MMF2 and replace it with C1.

    Construct 2 is different though, since it's now closed source commercial, no exe and still beta i wouldn't compare it just yet and there is not that much point in comparisons. Development seems good so far though and if this continues i am sure it will be much better than MMF2 and GM also.

    I know Clickteam and Yoyo games often talk of new runtimes and MMF3 has yet to show so it will be interesting to see what competition C2 gets later, there is also apps like Game Develop, Stencyl and maybe other new game dev programs also.

  • You make a good point about comparison, would anyone be able to come up with a good benchmarking test for GM, MMF and Construct? It would be great to test them all side by side.

  • Tom now that is a great idea.One game done with CS,MMF2 and GM.Then release those games onto the public and let them vote which is the best app.Game Dev idols edition lol.

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  • so I decided to import them directly into the .capx. I open the file with 7-zip file manager, dump the whole lot of images (tile-1.png to tile-256.png)

    The texture filenames must match exactly the object name, and the - character is not allowed in object names, so the editor is probably removing the - character then getting confused when it can't find the file any more. If your object is called tile-256 the expression parser will look for a system expression 'tile' and try to subtract 256 from it!

    As for comparisons to other products, I've kind of run out of things to say. As we said before, if you really prefer a competitor's product, you're welcome to use their product - you're not required to purchase Construct 2! I think these comparisons are really pointless though - all software has advantages and disadvantages both ways round, so no one program is entirely superior to another. Making comparisons is just firing back an endless series of anecdotes depending on what features are important to you. I'm sure, for example, a GM user could turn up and give a long, comprehensive post about why GM is better than everything else. That's their point of view, but it doesn't really help anything, and despite their point of view, other competitors still run a successful business, so even though they may think it, the market proves GM is not entirely superior to everything else (otherwise they'd put all competitors out of business).

    So I don't want to lock this thread, because it's actually about the Construct 2 release 31, but I think the comparisons and debate over competitors should stop - it's not going to go anywhere, and it's entirely personal preference, and everyone has a personal preference.

  • Oh, I already did try without the - sign. Same thing.

  • This build is pretty awesome so far! When -OR condition will be implemented btw?

  • I'm getting a pretty show-stopping bug here. I can't add an action. When I try to add an action in the event sheet, the focus goes off the main window as if the 'add event' window is open, yet nothing appears. I have to hit ESC, which I'm assuming closes the invisible 'add event' window. I'd put it on the bug tracker, but for some strange reason SourceForge is blocked from my college's internet. Anyone else getting this?

  • Any news on when the animations will be implemented?

  • I'm hesitant to buy something that wasn't completed within 2 years LAST TIME around. I'm also worried about there being important bugs not taken care of for 6+ months at a time this time around.

    And considering version 1 is not yet complete...

    I really need a reason to buy this - the only thing lacking is the credibility that it will actually be a product worth buying in the future - which because of the bugs in last version, i would not have purchased it.

  • And with that being said I don't wish to rip on the product at all, I'm obviously a construct supporter (and spent $100+ on making a community site for it a while back).

  • Remember 0.x was developed by part time inexperienced volunteers, and it still went pretty far just on that. We're proposing to develop C2 fulltime and team members now have industry experience.

    Despite the fact we're confident C2 will be a substantial improvement in both development time and stability over 0.x, if you still have doubts, by all means just wait and see how it develops - although you might miss out on the early adopter licenses, which should be an excellent deal.

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