I had my doubts, but I was wrong, and now moving to Construct 3!

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  • A while back, I posted my annoyance at the sunsetting of C2. I was annoyed, because I invested a huge amount of time into my C2 projects that won't port directly over to C3 due to heavy use of 3rd party plugins.

    I have been trying out C3 for the last few weeks. I have to say, I now see that it will be worth the extra work. Construct 3 is a huge step up! I didn't think it would be worth the money, but I can actually feel the care and quality that has gone into C3.

    I am sold on C3!

    If anyone is in still in doubt, and refusing to make the change like I was, just have a look... I have been totally blown away.

    The timeline alone totally changes things for me. But the new feature list seems to keep growing!

    I am a changed man :)



  • Thanks for the feedback! We've worked hard to make C3 even better, as well as maintaining a high degree of backwards compatibility.

  • Same for me, in the process of switching over! Though I still think the vanilla UI is pretty unusable, too much white space...

  • Yes, its time to do the switch..

    Anyone offering to do conversion work from old c2 projects to c3? plugin conversion / searching required. For example these ones are needed. Payment via Upwork preferred.

    Plugin JSON (JSON) by Yann Granjon

    Plugin BBcode Text (rex_bbcodeText) by Rex.Rainbow

    Behavior ParallaxBG (ParallaxBG) by Zed2100

    Effect Adjust HSB (hsbadjust) by Somebody




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  • rex_moveto

    It's already ported. You can download it from here: drive.google.com/file/d/18fMrmuzC0npgIRJ25lLujJyc5LxWrmHb/view.


    Do you mean lunarray.litetween?

  • Thanks,

    Yes, lunarray.litetween!

  • Yes, lunarray.litetween!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: drive.google.com/file/d/1y7pyVkcjz6JatqnVLPXKCYI_s8BD6tDC/view

  • You can have third-part Construct 2 add-ons in Construct 3 by asking their authors to port them using our SDK.

    Otherwise, check the Exchange Addon or this dedicated forum (and this topic) to see if a port already exists.

    Finally you can try this beta converter.

    Once you have a Construct 3 version of the add-on, you can install it using the add-ons manager.

  • Effect Adjust HSB (hsbadjust) by Somebody

    DOWNLOAD LINK: drive.google.com/file/d/1SygOY_XZCX1-OGiAnnRuA_h5ztA99CJH/view

  • Using this software makes me smile. They've thought of everything. Each plugin is simple to use but has insane levels of depth.

    And stability is incredible. Been using it over a year and probably had 2 crashes. I've made around 5 games and each day I'm thankful I get to use C3.

    Glad you've made the leap to C3. :)

  • How does the multiplayer stability and features compare to that of C2? I am working to build a genre of multiplayer games in the near future and I have C2 working but the peer lag is redic, even on LAN.

    Sell me

  • How does the multiplayer stability and features compare to that of C2? I am working to build a genre of multiplayer games in the near future and I have C2 working but the peer lag is redic, even on LAN.

    Sell me


    While I'm not going to sell you :) I'd ask if you've tried the example on this page:


    I was testing it on Friday in the UK and a nice guy form Turkey popped into the game. It was extremely smooth for both of us. I'd be interested in hearing if you find it smooth or not.

  • Ty for the insight :)

    I did yes :) I do notice that this example also limits the bandwidth and does not utilize certain key aspects of interactive gameplay though, other than movement. The fact that taking damage is merely based on collision points and text/message updating makes the example simplistic in terms of multiplayer capabilities, though I believe this may have been intentional.

    I suspect the limitations of MP are obvious once designing starts, though I am curious if the delay and such stays consistent with a higher number of broadcastings and syncing objects and collections of such.

    After reconfiguring the codes for what I am building, I was able to get bullets to be nearly within useable limits already so that's a plus because bullet speed is high usually. I would say that is a major plus. I cant convert my work over to c3 from the free testing, and there would be so much to copy over, but I might just do that and test!

    I could give a great insight on whether people like me who have had to reconstruct the entire multiplayer aspect to get it to work may actually find it very worth it in c3. Time will tell :)

    I know one thing, Ill never go to another software whether I stick with c2 or go to c3. I've tested them all. This, Ashley and team, is by far the most versatile type made for people like me who have learning disorders. It is very easy to change and test and change and test :P. Progress is progress and I've made the most with construct thus far!

    People give Ashley a hard time a lot but man I couldnt do what you guys have done. I commend it all and appreciate it and I would have made the same paths, moves they have made over the years. People can be brutual even when you give your best to them. Just want to extent my appreciation.

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