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  • I know this question has been asked before, but I'm starting a new thread to reignite the topic.

    I've had it, I've had it, I've had it, I've had it, I've had it, I've had it, I've had it, I've had it with Windows.

    Anyways, I'm hoping you guys were working on a Linux version of the software. One too many blue screens, one too many lost projects, one too many hairs falling out of my head and I just turned 30 a few months ago, this is RIDICULOUSNESS.

    The free OS I'm using...Linux...Mint to be specific... that hasn't crashed on me, it hasn't given me any fits, it hasn't done anything that I didn't first tell it to do. Windows CONSTANTLY blue screens, and NOW I can't find my Windows product key (it HAD to be stolen as it was sitting right next to my more D&D at my place it seems) and I'm just not in the mood to cry or complain or anything about Windows...instead I'm just ready for a real solution without everyone treating the solution (Linux) like some read-headed step child.

    My frustration is the constant support anyone would give to Microsoft after they deliberately stole from others, sued the ones they couldn't steal from and took their things anyways, and now Scirra wants to perpetuate their malpractice by offering Construct on Windows ONLY?

    I really would like a refund, or a Linux version. None of this "well it's too late for that". No I actually trusted purchased software to be worth something. Again, talking about MS, not Scirra. Scirra, you guys are just the result of MS's software practices.


  • I haven't had a BSOD years? Perhaps you should invest in a new machine / copy of Windows 7 or 8. Also you should always back up your projects and save regularly.

  • Get some good quality computer parts, and keep your computer clean (don't let the spiders infest it!)

  • Well , I used C2 for 3 years and I never got any BSD , only 1 crash on release 1 ...

    Get a news PC , mate ...

  • Maybe this would be better placed on a microsoft forum?....never had a blue screen of death with construct 2,construct classic....or any other software for that matter..for ages.

    It's your PC telling you it's poorly!!

  • I've been using the same computer for years now, and Linux has never crashed. I don't buy the whole "buy a new computer" argument because my PC is upgradable, and a Frankenstein of my own creations. I'm not stupid about computers, I'm just sick of having to play the Windows game when I never asked to play it.

    Seriously, Linux runs so smoothly on my system, but put Windows on there, and after a fresh install, it's fine. After updates, it's fine. Try to do anything else on it, and it can't stand it. I didn't build a computer to have it look nice on my desk, I built it to develop on.

    To be more accurate, it's not C2 that is crashing, it's WINDOWS that is crashing for God-knows-why. I've troubleshot, I've done everything I know how to do to keep Windows running well.

    When I don't have to do anything of the sort with Linux, what does that say?

    Also, I keep my insides clean. Sure the cover is off and it looks like an ancient dinosaur, but the parts are fresh and in great working condition, and I KEEP my pieces clean and seated well. It's WINDOWS that's the problem.

  • I usually hear from friends that their custom built computers, that are running Windows, BSOD a lot, and it was common that the BSODs happened due to driver stuff or loose hardware (Ofcourse, if it works in Linux, then it probably isn't loose hardware lol). You should get a log of the blue screen and then you can figure out what the problem is. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that Linux happens to have the correct drivers, whereas Windows does not.

    If you're able to get into Windows via safemode or something, then I recommend which will update all drivers for all your hardware (and it's absolutely free) and hopefully would prevent further crashes. I guess it's evident from everyones responses that Windows is not the problem. Though I just remembered your first post that said you lost your license key, so that sucks.. haha

    Windows is a very popular platform and it isn't about supporting "Microsoft". Most people can afford a Windows computer rather than a Mac, and it's not very common for the average person to find a shop that ship their computers with a Linux distribution. I'm pretty certain that iirc Scirra said they don't have the time to work on porting the software over to Linux/Mac anytime soon.

    Anyway, can't Wine run Construct 2?

  • I don't buy the whole "buy a new computer" argument because my PC is upgradable, and a Frankenstein of my own creations.

    All computers are upgradeable. Some to a much lesser extent (laptops, prebuilt boxes, media centers, etc). So that doesn't actually say anything.

    Seriously, Linux runs so smoothly on my system

    Linux runs smooth on freaking anything man.

    Like Jase00 pointed out. Did you check which BSOD you got?

  • For anyone interested... this has worked for me in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Former IT support guy, (nearly) A+ Certified computer repair technician (if you must know, I had a 97% semester average in high school back in 2002 for the A+ Cert, which was supposed to entitle me to a certificate for a free A+ Cert exam but my damn school never issued them so I never persued it.)

    1. Spybot Search & Destroy. Download from

    2. Mozilla Firefox. Because serious, who is Google fooling with Chrome? Slow, bulky, ugly, even on Android devices I use Dolphin Browser in place of Chrome.

    3. Make sure you download the "Adblock Plus" plugin (for Firefox). It's free. Be sure to explore the options of Adblock Plus to "Allow non-obtrusive advertising" or else it blocks ALL ads. Sites like Hulu, Adult Swim which rely on loading ads at intervals between videos won't advance the video.

    4. Avast! Free is "good enough" anti-virus protection, though I do suggest the Pro edition. NOBODY should use McAffee or Symantec Antivirus... requirements too high, performance is crap, lots of false positives and, well, there's a REASON why it gets installed secretly with so many unrelated programs you download on the internet. Consider it "legal" spyware/malware.

    When I worked IT and even in years after when I was actually contracted out by other firms to repair/prepare laptops and PCs for deployment in Hotels and the people who install/repair hotel internet, this is the setup I installed by default. It's extremely hard to eff up your machine. I personally have not dealt with having to outright reinstall Windows on my desktop at home for any other reason than "My hard drive died".

    EDIT: As an aside, I was born in 1984 and had my first 8086 PC given to me around 1990. I was using DOS before I learned multiplication in school. I've seen a LOT of stuff man, but eh... I tried Linux. I wanted to love Linux. I tried Suse, Redhat, Mint, Ubuntu (this one I think I liked over the others), but ---nothing--- about it made any sense to me. I couldn't figure out how to install any kind of program and I -tried-. It's also hard to get decent video editing, image processing software on Linux as well. For the moment, Windows is "on top" because... well... everything runs on it. Everyone uses it. Necessary evil I suppose... but if Windows 8 is the big Windows Killer, I'd gladly shift to Linux. Linux just needs to get their damn act together and stop being so obtuse for the sake of "not being Windows".

  • Alright, this isn't a "how can we get roracle to keep using Windows" thread, it's a "how long until the linux version" thread. I'm done with M$, and YES, writing software for a Microsoft platform is the reason they have a standing at all. AT ALL.

    Also, Lovelocke64, you must have been using RedHat 5.0. Back then, you couldn't find anything, was impossible to install anything, but today, Linux is a million times easier to use than Windows will EVER be.

    Now, coming down from the MS love fest up there, can anyone either give me a refund or perhaps a Linux version of Construct 2? I find it strange one would design a program to write games for an open standard created by the same people who pretty much created the OSS movement, yet won't release a version that (at least) runs on OSS.

    And if it has to do with "user base" then Linux already has that covered: Android (no matter how much kicking and screaming you do) is Linux based, and it's on a majority of everyday use devices that are used *gasp* every day. You might actually be on one right now.

    Heck, even if you're using Windows, you're connected to the internet thanks to their microkernel OS called "Windows" using Unix as it's networking lapdog. (They can't even do networking their own way, sheesh, and you still wanna write software for them?)

    See, C2 writes software for HTML5, not for Windows. It can WRAP it into a Win file, but it's not made to create Win games.

    HTML5 is a standard that MS has tried to inject in their own methods. That didn't go over well when push came to shove. They tried ages ago to do the internet their way, and GASP people went to Firefox and eventually Chrome because they couldn't stand what MS did to the web via IE.

    Bottom line is this:

    From hardware to the software, from soft to monitor, from monitor we were blessed with command line.

    From command line we entered the GUI.

    Thanks to the GUI (yes, Windows, GNOME, Aqua) we can ignore that, too, and just focus only on the browser (the ultimate goal of the OSS movement is to have software served across the web so you don't have to install it. You see that already with things like Grooveshark, Facebook, Picassa, Gmail, GoogleDocs, etc etc etc).

    But for developers, people like a stable work environment, and I don't have a team to come fix every little error that Windows gives me, and I don't have the patience between doing this, work, D&D, family, and everything else I have in life going on.

    It's not fair to someone who was an early adopter like myself that I can't even continue to use the software because it's not compatible with my OS.

    Sure I have it installed in WINE but it's slow and doesn't compile things properly.

    I just find it very very strange that they can create an entire software application, but somehow just gosh darnit, can't get it to run on Linux. That's why I said they are specifically supporting MS by writing software for them because anyone using good programming techniques would have used a more open standard and not MS-only libraries.

    IE: Scirra has programmed themselves into a corner.

  • Its their choice whether or not to support Linux. Simple as that.

    And I haven't Blue screened in years. If you don't like Windows then don't use it, but don't expect companies to bow to your whims because you have issues with one OS and wanted to move to another. You want to use Construct, you need the OS they support.

    Its a 2 man team. Its not like they have all the time in the world. Hell they dont even have a MAC version yet. Linux is small potatoes compared to the Mac OS and Windows. So if they dont have a Mac version what makes you think they would have a Linux version? 0_o

  • On a side note, you should use something like skydrive as your default save location instead of a local save. With skydrive you will have your project safe no matter what happens on your PC. Same for, etc... save often to your sync folder and you don't have to worry. Also as suggested, Windows has been stable for a long time... if you are still using XP, then you are inviting disaster by choice anyway...

  • I never asked them to bow to my whims, I simply asked for either a Linux version or a refund. No whim involved. Windows had a whim to crash, I'm simply making the obvious choice for stability. Go figure that it's MY fault that I want something stable, and it's MY fault Windows keeps crashing, and it's MY fault Linux has been 100% stable on my system, so it's obviously ME that's the problem and not Windows.

  • I haven't had a BSoD since 95, maybe once on XP.

    Asking for a refund is obscene, the program runs fine: Your issue is with the OS, and honestly if you're running a Frankenstein piece of tech ofcourse your OS is going to be stressed!

    Linux is great, all of my servers run RedHat, I haven't advertised Windows servers in years... but at the end of the day I'm typing this message from a laptop running Windows 7, when I get home I'm going to be using Windows 8. Admittedly they also run Ubuntu, but that's when I'm feeling techy and want to play around with things.

    Last I checked Linux had a market share of 2%, personally I'd rather Scirra focus on other features than a port.

    Not sure if mentioned, but have you tried Wine?

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  • It's not fair to someone who was an early adopter like myself that I can't even continue to use the software because it's not compatible with my OS.

    It's not fair that you can't use the clearly advertised Windows application on Linux?

    More and more it sounds like you're doing something wrong with your system, and as people have pointed out, it's not Scirras fault that you are having OS issues.

    I never asked them to bow to my whims,nd the contradiction.

    I simply asked for either a Linux version or a refund.

    Being fed up with Microsoft and Windows is fine. Asking if a Linux version of C2 is possible is fine. Whining about Windows and outright demanding a Linux version, not so fine.

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