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  • I never asked them to bow to my whims, I simply asked for either a Linux version or a refund. No whim involved. Windows had a whim to crash, I'm simply making the obvious choice for stability. Go figure that it's MY fault that I want something stable, and it's MY fault Windows keeps crashing, and it's MY fault Linux has been 100% stable on my system, so it's obviously ME that's the problem and not Windows.

    Yes, its your fault that you are having OS issues. Its not Scirra's fault that YOUR copy of WINDOWS is having an issue. They should not have to eat a refund because their software works FINE, but WINDOWS (a product owned by MICROSOFT) does NOT Work.

    Perhaps you should try updating your Windows? Reformat and install Win 7/8?

    Otherwise, you are just gonna have to tough it out.

  • roracle You want a refund because you bought a Windows Application and your PC has issues with Windows...

    As Scirra isn't responsible for your copy of windows, the state of your PC and have not advertised that this is a Linux product, asking for a refund seems pretty unfounded. You ask for a refund when the product you buy does not do what was advertised. I can't ask Mazda for a refund on my car because of the road construction near my house, or the rising price of gas... or the fact that it isn't a hybrid when I didn't buy a hybrid...

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  • Roracle, I don't intend to make you upset, but you need to re-examine your computer situation. I, too, have built many a "frankensteins" in my day and you need be very careful with component compatability, overlocking, and all those "hacks" that system builders often use.

    Windows is rarely unstable nowadays, so if you're having so many problems that you're really frustrated, then I strongly urge you to consider that the design of your system is unstable. I'd also wonder if your copy/installation of Windows is a legit, licensed version of Windows. If you got it from someone, consider getting a legal copy. Make sure you have all updates installed and do some research about the up-to-date and compatible drivers.

    Whether or not you accept this info doesn't matter, but in my 22 years of PC experience, your issues are always the result of (1) poor hardware compat or drivers (2) corrupt or illegal copy of Windows (3) too many programs, malware, etc running...

    Take care

  • I'm with Space Ape. There's the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do. We're just trying to help you out because your problem isn't with Construct, it's with your machine. I resent my post being surmised as an "M$ Lovefest"... and I'd like to say that you're kind of a jerk for being so standoffish during this whole thread.

    You need some manners... and you'll have to ask another person for help there: I'm turning my back on ya. Good luck.

  • I'm locking this topic as of now - it's become clear that nothing productive is coming of this thread. I'd just like to remind everyone to retain civility.

    roracle - This really isn't an issue to discuss with the community. I'd suggest taking your concerns to @Ashley or @Tom directly.

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