dilemma: solid objects or immovable physics

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  • Ashley


    Can you tell me do physics objects that are set to immovable are treated in engine equal as eg. regular solid object?

    ...are they more CPU demanding or not?


  • Does anyone else know?

  • This is an easy answer.

    YOU CAN"T USE BOTH. Your not alone on asking any question in regards to one of the Platformer Behaviours and the Physics Behaviour. But I will inform you of the cardinal rule in C2.

    NEVER EVER MIX Physics with any other form platform behaviours. The reason for this is because Physics is based on Box2D and entirely runs it's own world simulation that does not work Platformer/Bullet/Solid/Jumthru. They are just not meant to be used together.

    Either make your game using the Platformer set(Platformer, bullet,solid, jumpthru, Custom, 8 Direction) or Physics. But Physics must stand alone.

    So the answer is. If your Player is a physics object and plays in a physic world. Then you should only use Physics Imoveable. If your player uses Platformer then use Solid.

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  • Thank you!

    This clarifys a lot!

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