Differences of fps between Iphone 4 and Ipod 4?

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  • Hello.

    Sorry, i don't know where to ask that.

    I just wanted to know if when you do a game, you will have the same results concerning the fps on an ipod 4 than an iPhone 4, cause the only difference i see between them is the ram, but i don't know if it has an influence on the FPS.

    So if someone has both and has already made tests, i would be happy to know :).

    I have an Ipod 4 to test my games, but not an iPhone 4.

    On the Ipad 2, i'm in a constant 60 fps, but on the ipod 4, i'm Between 45 and 55.

    So i just wanted to know if i have to expect people to have this rate of FPS on an iphone 4, or if my game will run faster.


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  • Theoreticlly if your using delta time(which the behaviours do) there should be no difference. However, another person was able to prove that wasn't the case. I don't know the current situation as that was months ago. Personally I think this is a massive problem if that problem wasn't fixed.

    My suggestion is to create a Unit test for jumping, and height measurement(it jump.y, jump.peak)on both your iPod4 and iPad2. If they have the same jump peak then no worries.

  • Thanks for your answer, but i don't understand the "jump" part of it (maybe because of my english)

  • When the iPod 4th Gen was released it had � the processing power of the iph4. Apple has almost with every device multiplied that. Which means that the iPhone 5 is almost 8 times as fast as the ipod touch. No doubt it'll lack fps

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