No way to deploy to Android

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  • Seems to be no way to deploy to the Nexus 7 running Android Jellybean.

    (No support from AppMobi{!} or CocoonJS. Not available for device.)

    Will there ever be support?

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  • Appmobi or cocoonjs forums will be best suited for this question.

  • Email the guys at Ludei, they can probably send you a debug apk.

  • Maybe use cocoonjs's cloud system and compile your game to .apk

  • It would be best to ask ludei to support Jellybean if they don't already.

  • I'm able to run my apps using the Cocoonjs plugin on Nexus 7.

  • Maybe I'm doing it wrong... Will try again and in no luck will ask in proper places. Thanks to all that pointed me in the right direction.

  • I'm able to run my apps using the Cocoonjs plugin on Nexus 7.

    Can you explain ?

    I'm new on android export and Nexus 7 :)

    Ty !

  • Dropbox is your friend and I have it installed on both my Nexus7 and Windows system. It also creates a special folder on windows that automatically syncs to the cloud whenever a file is dropped in.

    Export your project as a CocoonJS zip file to the dropbox folder. The file should sync to the cloud and be available on your Nexus7 (or any android device with the cocoon app.)

    On the Nexus7, run dropbox and look for your zipped file. Important, Press and hold the filename until you get a menu. Select 'export' and 'Save to SD card'. The file will be saved in the root of the Nexus 7's internal memory where the CocoonJS app looks. Close dropbox.

    Lastly, run the CocoonJS app and select the zip file.

    That's it!

  • Thank you ! But I still have a problem, I cant install CocoonJS on nexus7 via Playstore, marked as incompatible :/

  • Ludei addressed this problem in his blog for getting installed on Nexus7

    Installing CocoonJS on Nexus7

  • It worked ! Thanks again.

    But... The XML object is not supported on this plateform. Oh well, my entire app is based on XML object :D

  • Well, the "PUBLISH TO : ANDROID" on site homepage is a bad joke. We can't do this properly. Using cocoonjs ? Ahah no thanks :

    • The form control plugins Textbox and Button are not supported.
    • The AJAX object is not supported.
    • The XML object is not supported.
    • The Facebook object is not supported.
    • The letterbox fullscreen modes are not supported. If they are selected, it will fall back to simple Scale mode instead.
    • The Text plugin's 'Set web font' action is not supported.
    • The WebStorage plugin's session storage is not available. Use local storage or global variables instead.
    • Most features of the Browser object are not supported.

    So no text, no buttons, only sprites, no storage, no XML / AJAX. Yay, very funny, and i spent /waste 99? for developping android/Smartphones/IOS apps in this soft.

    Yeah, must be a joke ... Or explain me how to send an apps made on Constuct 2 directly on my android device.

  • Yeah I am not particularly impressed with CocoonJs especially since blowing $350 on a tablet just to find out CocoonJS is not compatible with it. After getting a better phone that is compatible it still isn't that great. Performance is good though.

  • Its not really cocoonJS the problem for me, its construct 2 / scirra, they should remove the "Publish to Android" on the website, its false you cant publish to android.

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