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  • Hello everyone ,

    Not a long ago , the debugger went live (r140)

    It's better than what I thought and pretty darn nice to have , but is lacking features , and I want to make a list of those missing features to make Ashley's job easier + to get it at our expectations

    So without any further waiting , What would you want to add to the debugger

    My list :

    • For now , Ctrl+F5 seems broken on Chrome ( Is it happening for you guys ? ) ,

      Ashley may need to fix it on the next release

    No way to see global variables and local variables for now , I doubt it won't be added in the near future

    I wouldn't mind a small console where we can log some messages , and that would be greatly appreciated

    Arrays should display as a table , for it to be easier to display and more intuitive

    Cheers !

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  • Might add some actions like "break point" to stop running under some special conditions(event).

  • Bump ?

    • I would also like to see the ability to see 1st & 3rd party plugins

    Settings !

  • I second the array table idea, that would be fantastic.

  • I'd just like it to remember where it was the last time I used it. Every time I debug I make it a separate window, move my browser over, resize the debugger, track down the last object I was on, etc.

    It's also kinda difficult to find the object I'm looking for.

  • A checklist for black screen fixes: i.e.:

    1.- have you tried this

    2.- have you tried this other thing

    3.- etc.

  • ability to filter what you are seeing. With large projects it is a mission to find the object that you want to look at. Be great if you could filer so that only thse named objects are listed.

  • This probably isn't possible, but a rewind feature would be amazing :). Just throwing out wishes here ;).

  • ArcadEd - you can already save and load!

    • Visible Path Finding paths and/or highlighted cells.
    • The debug window with the option to decrease the don't size.
    • The ability to automatically change variable or object parameter values during debug view from the debug window.
    • Visible line of sight cone.
    • Real-time event log of game as it plays.
    • Ability to Open ( Maybe even Toggle it ) Console from the Browser, like the Chrome Console
    • Ability to run the debugger when previewing a Node-Webkit project
    • Ability to view values from more than one object simultaneously. Crossreferencing values on this is currently not doable, and text objects on the layout is still a better solution for it.
    • Ability to set up what variables and values you want to debug beforehand so that it's focused on that from the start.
  • Breakpoints, controlling the variables and expressions in real time, a ctrl+f4 key to start with the debugger from the start

  • With the new step feature, also be able to step at different framerates other than 60fps (0.016dt), in case your target framerate is lower.

  • Thndr - try stepping with a timescale greater than 1, e.g. 2 to simulate a step of 0.032 (corresponding to 30 FPS).

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