Out of curiosity - How many layers do you use?

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  • Just wondering, for my current game I'm sitting at about 10 layers. Do you find yourself using a bunch, or trying to limit it?

  • if i'm using the paid version ill use 10 and i think ill use more ^^ . they really gives good effects on the games

  • I usually use something like Ground, Entities, Effects, Sky/Atmosphere, HUD; plus another one or two miscellaneous ones if necessary.

  • I'm using about 7, but I think I will increase it.

  • I'm using 4 layers at the moment. "hud and effects", main, bg1 and bg2. I want to keep it like that, I don't see why someone would need more than 4 layers.

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  • I'm using the paid version, but for my current project I still only need 4 at most.

    When I get around to making a platformer, I'll definitely make use of more though.

    This is pretty case by case :/

  • I usually keep about 3 or 4 layers, but that's because my objects usually don't need to have such a precise order. Everything being kept in the same 1-2 layers is usually fine, with most background elements staying in order on the bottom layer.

    Also, z-order can be used the same way as layer management.

  • Thats through, you can just use z-order to manage what should be on top of what. Layers are more for when you want to scroll at different speeds.

  • I'm currently with 6

    Fade - for scene transitions

    Dialogs - for alerts, menus and stuff like that.

    FG1 - foreground layer 1

    Content - the actual game layer

    BG1 - background layer 1

    BG2 - background layer 1

  • I?ve started using one for each type of object, just unlocking them when I need to select them.

    It keeps things very orderly, I can have a clear visualization of the Z position of each layer and I don?t misclick anything.

    The only thing that I miss are layer groups.

  • In my platformer I'm using a bg layer, stage scenery layer, collision layer, object/MOB layer, sometimes an fg layer, a pause menu layer, a HUD layer, and a fade layer. So mostly 7-8 layers, depending on the level.

  • I will end up using around 15+ per level. Lots of parallaxing BGs and multiple enemy types with different weapons.

  • I usually get it right with 3-4 layers. But the possibility that I could use as many as I want is a good feeling <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • In Froghead I am using 31 layers, I really love C2 :)

  • Uhhhhhhh... I didn't realize how many until I just counted. 31. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I try to keep things really organized, plus I use a lot of parallax effects and some lighting stuff that all need a couple of layers each.

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