Out of curiosity - How many layers do you use?

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  • the people who use more than 7 they know how to use construct2...

    because who will do 4 layers while the free version support that? the layers that should be in all games it :

    layer1 = background

    layer2 = slow motion of cloud , stars,...

    layer3 = faster motion of some ground , some cloud...

    layer4 = effect behind main game

    layer5 = the main game

    layer6 = effect front of main game

    layer7 = the hidden stuffs to hide the player on it while on the game like entering a house.

    layer8 = a front (background i don't know what they call) but sometimes you can see it a blurry tree or rocks stuffs like that..

    layer9 = HUD

    layer10 = fade screen or loading between layouts




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