Crosswalk Intel XDK experiences

  • Thanks a lot mercedescolomar !

    However, I just discovered this thread in which I can read that manually signing is not mandatory. If I really just need to check the "signed" checkbox in order to have ads and IAP working, I'd rather keep it simple. But if for whatever reason I need to sign manually, I'd be sure to follow your advices.

    Just remember, if you need to manually sign you will need the keystore, and I do not know if you can download it from the XDK, your game needs to be always signed with the same keystore to be able to be updated on google play.

  • Dalal

    Ashley suggests using Crosswalk because he says that it is more reliable and stable than CocoonJS Canvas+, and it has WebRTC, DOM etc.

    Unfortunetly in real world, for many developers it's more important to have FAST & SMOOTH game than i.e. use WebRTC. And as far as I know (reading this forum) Crosswalk has also memory issues or 4x slower audio decoding. And Crosswalk always will be slower than CocoonJS Canvas+ just because browsers are not created for gaming, lol.

    So from one hand we have Ashley who can wait years for development of browsers - because he is already earning on Construct 2, and we have dissapointed developers who can't wait months / years for some 3rd party miracles.

    So it would be nice if Ashley would have more realistic approach. Especially when i.e. ludei asked him for meeting.

  • XDK 1878

    Everytime I click on Debug I got this

    After pressing "Install It Now" it's downloading and then shows me this

    It used to work fine with my Samsung Galaxy S3, now I'm unable to do any test via USB cable.

    USB Debug still not works in XDK 1912.

    Now it wants me to install App Preview Crosswalk 0.22 - but again it fails to install it. Anybody???

  • CW 11 and CW 12 are available in Intel XDK

  • Can we use the Crosswalk 11 and 12 in IntelXDX? How's the performance compare with Crosswalk 10?

    Anyone try already?

  • Carson from what ive seen it is better depending on the project

  • IntelRobert


    I'w installed XDK on my PC (no firewalls whatsoever).

    I have app preview on iphone and on android tablet. All devices are wifi connected to my router and can access internet but both fail on QR snapshot and don't see anything under their local apps tab ("can not find intel xdk error") and both devices see projects under server apps tab but only apple can open and play projects while android tablet gets error "unable to retrieve app from the cloud server".

    *first day android tabled worked fine but later constantly fails for no obvious reason...

    How can i enable local wifi preview to work and why is android fail to open projects wich iphone opens?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Im totally new to using Intel XDK, got my game running pretty easily. Two issues to figure out.

    Is it normal for the emulated version of my game in Intel XDK to run perfectly (60fps) but the build version runs slower, choppier if you will?

    Also, I see y'all talking about CrossWalk version 7, 11 and 12. How do you update/change the version of crosswalk in intel xdk? Or how do you use different versions?

    Thanks a zillion for any help!

    PS - Also do you check the box that says "Game project?" (basic canvas) when prompted or do i set it to No?

  • BUMP

    Not all at once guys and gals

  • billy Bleeks

    Haha, just select the version you want to use in the "Project" tab, then in the "Building Settings" menu

  • Which version of Crosswalk is recommended at the moment?

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  • BUMP

    Not all at once guys and gals

    Haha, just select the version you want to use in the "Project" tab, then in the "Building Settings" menu

  • Thanks I found it under the android/crosswalk tab. I got confused because I was using the blue buttons on top to choose my build which dont give you the option to choose which crosswalk version. Thanks!

    Oh also, is it normal for emulated versions to work perfectly but on export they are slower?

  • The true is that I have never used the emulator. I always tested on real devices.

  • Ah I see, no worries! I was super happy when I emulated it as it was working beautifully, then the reality hit when I compiled it and played it on my phone. I love the ease of use Intel/CrossWalk provides and the amazing cranberry plugins, its too bad it has the jank/low frame rate on the two games of mine that I tried. The games are playable but pause for a second or two every once in a while. Oh well, just have to wait and see what the future holds for this wrapper.

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