Crosswalk Intel XDK experiences

  • New update. The current version of the Intel XDK, as of March 30, 2015, is 1878

  • Where I can find App Preview Crosswalk 0.27 app ?

    It gives me an error while trying to install it through XDK.

  • My iOS app is not forcing landscape, despite selecting landscape in both contruct 2 and XDK. The screen is still resizing to the devices orientation, which is a big problem on the ipod touch as it only allows portrait, making the game screen tiny and unplayable.

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  • Hello,

    Any one have old build v1826 install file? New update doesn't lock to portrait orientation for me.


    Edit: Found it, if any of you would like to go back to previous build, you can download did from here

  • AlexFrancois


    I had this problem before too. I think you shouldn't downgrade for that. I fixed it with a cranberry plugin. There is a "lock orientation portrait" and a "lock orientation landscape" plugin. Works well for me.

  • Thanks

  • XDK 1878

    Everytime I click on Debug I got this

    After pressing "Install It Now" it's downloading and then shows me this

    It used to work fine with my Samsung Galaxy S3, now I'm unable to do any test via USB cable.

  • Nothing about that?

  • New update

    Intel® XDK - Update - 2015 April 14 v1912

  • Can I publish a game to Google Play Store while checking the "signed" checkbox, or do I need to sign manually? What does it implies if I publish with "signed" checked?

    I use both IAP and Admob.

    I found this tutorial ... -appsigner

    and downloaded APK-signer in order to sign my APK manually, but I'm unable to start the program. There is no .exe file in there. Could someone explain me the way to load APK-signer? Sorry for the noobishness...

    The tutorial says something about JDK which I have installed on my computer.

  • Rable

    I used this one >><< click the download button under where it says download apk signer (even though the button is labeled Intel XDK)

    Make sure you have java sdk/jdk installed and double click the .jar file within the zip archive to open apk signer.

  • Thanks a lot mercedescolomar !

    However, I just discovered this thread in which I can read that manually signing is not mandatory. If I really just need to check the "signed" checkbox in order to have ads and IAP working, I'd rather keep it simple. But if for whatever reason I need to sign manually, I'd be sure to follow your advices.


    Sorry needed everyone's attention here. Last month Google updated their AdMob SDK to v7 ... /rel-notes

    In one of their FAQ they say, the new SDK improves revenue across countries that yield (VERY) low earnings.

    eg: For Philippines I get approx 1200 Impression per day, and my Earning here is only between $0.22 to $0.33!!

    YES... THAT low

    So my question is, does INTEL XDK, automatically includes the latest SDK from Google or do we have to manually reference it somewhere?

    Or does the official AdMob plugin require change in the code to include the latest version of the SDK???

    Hope someone can help <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Since this thread is about Crosswalk experiences, I'd like to share mine. I had given up on Crosswalk almost a year ago for mobile development, but just yesterday I gave it a chance, just to see if it might work better than CocoonJS Canvas+ now that it's been some time. I was impressed with how far the Intel XDK had come. The interface seemed a little more intuitive and it was easier to get a build. But once I tested the .apk, I immediately started laughing, in a cynical, horrible way.

    My first thoughts were: What a joke! Not only did my compiled game stay stuck for 5 minutes with the C2 loader, but once it loaded, the game was pixely. It was rendering at a lower resolution. On top of that, it was slow and janky. So not only did it fail to perform as well as Canvas+ fps-wise, but it introduced new graphical and loading issues that made it far worse. It was laughable. It did even worse than it had done when I tested it a year or so ago.

    Now that it's a been a day or two and I've recovered from the agony of the situation, and considering that people have claimed to use Crosswalk successfully for their games, I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and assume I screwed up the configuration somewhere. But yeah, that's my story. I'm going to stick to CJS Canvas+ for now.

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