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  • Well, it shouldn't. But 14 is supposed to be the default if you don't supply a value. You could try something different just to see.

  • I've sent an update with min set to 14 few hours ago and waiting now to see if this gonna change something.

  • sorry for double post, but works very slowly for me for few day and can't edit my post.

    New version was just published with

    Minimum Android version set to 14

    Target Android version set to 18

    and still shows the same... For next update I'm going to leave min and target empty and see... damn another few hours of waiting :/

    • - EDIT: min and target default values gives me API 10+ :/ --
    • - EDIT 2: it seams that whatever version I put in XDK it will always show "1.6 and up" with alpha testing. And i'm not sure if I publish it as a production it will change or not :/ --
  • I make this post separate because it's quite important and it's not well documented anywhere.

    If you publish your apk files into Alpha or Beta Testing then all information on testers page will show bare minimum requirements only!

    It means no matter what API level you put into your apk files it will always show as "1.6 and above"

    Only publishing as a production will show proper informations from your apk files.

  • I assumed you meant to production, sorry for the confusion.

  • codah now you telling me

  • codah now you telling me

    heh.. yea.. I forgot we 'publish' to alpha/beta .. (but I still didn't realise the version numbers were reported differently)

  • Yes, "Jeff" from developers customer service apologize me for this confusion, because this is not documented anywhere and explained the difference between alpha/beta and production.

    and btw. customer service on for google developer is the fastest, kindest and probably the best costumer service I have ever talk to!

  • IntelRobert

    While migrating my games from CocoonJS to Crosswalks, I noticed that CocoonJS is using OpenGL2+ and Crosswalks is using only OpenGL1+ (in the information dialog while uploading APK) ?

    I thought that WebGL 1 is OpenGL2.0ES and the new upcoming WebGL2 is OpenGL3.0ES but why is it Crosswalks build is only OpenGL1+ ?

    I'm using stable version.


  • anyone have experience of switching to crosswalk?

    say I made an app natively and I wanted to update it with a construct this possible?

  • - It works GREAT!

  • repposted in the following

  • We have published the cordova 3.5.1 update for crosswalk 7&8 (stable & beta in XDK). You don't need to install anything, just rebuild your app and resubmit to google play. I just published a test app and haven't seen a new cordova alert so I think we are okay. Thanks for your patience.

    Now I have a request for you. Many of you have been submitting both x86 and arm apk's to google play, but we need more. If you only submit the arm APK, it won't run on the 40 million tablets that Intel sold in 2014. It won't run on the new google nexus player ( Your users might get a black screen and give you a bad rating. My boss will come to my office and ask me why your game won't run on his phone.

    Submitting both arm and x86 just takes a few minutes. It's a simple way to improve the user experience for you users, and much easier than the hard work you put into making a game.

    The build email has a link to a zip file with arm and x86 apks. When you upload the APK in google play, there is a button in the top right that says 'switch to advanced mode' Click on it. Then upload the arm and x86 apk. Publish. That's it! If you have a problem, PM me.

    It's the single most important way to show your appreciation for XDK and Crosswalk, so please do it, and help spread the word.

    Started converting mine over to both x86 and arm <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • IntelRobert

    Upper post missed tag, so repost this here

    Hi, IntelRobert

    I appreciate your previous help.

    I have another question.

    I coded in the c2 js plugin source to silence if crosswalk emuator like following (because error occurs when using native plugin on emulator):

    if (navigator.platform == 'Win32')//<============crosswalk emulator


    I want to know whether this code also silence (skip) in x86 (apk) ?

    I don't want this code not to silence (skip) in x86 (apk)

    Thanks for your continuous supporting

  • Does anyone know if there's currently a way to add Amazon In-App Purchasing to a Crosswalk apk?

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