Does construct2 run on Apple Ipad pro?

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  • I have Apple ipad pro gold. x9 chip. [1] Does construct2 run on Apple ipad pro? If yes. [2] How and where can I get that software to download for it? Must be an app, right? Thanx for your help. Oh! I have purchased the personal version for PC; got the c2license. Can I use that license for "if it runs on apple" that version?

  • Uhhmm. Construct 2 is currently only usable in WIndows OS. Ashley (Co-Founder of C2) promised that he will include support for Apple OS & Linux on C3 (which will be released someday).

    I don't own a MAC so I don't know what extensions you use, but I believe it won't come out as an app, it will only come out as an installer file.

    And I believe you can't use an IPAD to make games, practically. It's not designed to do that.

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  • The closest you can get is by running C2 on a PC then use remote desktop software on the iPad. I've used splashtop before and it worked a lot better than I expected.

  • Thank you both for the answer. Was curious about using my ipad. Have the construct 2 [licensed] version on my PC.Been using it. Really nice software. Thanx again.

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