Construct 2 has been retired

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    As previously announced, as of July 2021 Construct 2 is officially retired and is no longer supported by Scirra.

    Construct 2 is already no longer available for sale. No further Construct 2 releases will be made beyond today's final r280 release. No official support will be provided for Construct 2, meaning Scirra staff will no longer be providing support for Construct 2 by email, social media, forums, bug fixes, or any other type of support. The only exception is we will continue to provide email support regarding any historical payment or license issues. Official NW.js updates for Construct 2 have also ended.

    Note that all existing valid Construct 2 licenses will continue to work indefinitely. You will still be able to use the full features of Construct 2 if you've purchased it in the past - it is only continuing support and updates that will stop. However bear in mind that if future changes to other software, such as Windows updates, causes features of Construct 2 to stop working, no further updates will be forthcoming. The Construct 2 manual, Construct 2 tutorials, and these Construct 2 forums will remain available for community support and discussion, although the Construct 2 forums have now been collapsed to a sub-category in the main forum list.

    Construct 3 is still actively supported with regular updates and new features. Note that Construct 3 r251.2 is the last release that includes the legacy Construct 2 runtime - as per the original plan, as of r252+ the C2 runtime has been removed from Construct 3. However support for importing Construct 2 projects (.capx files) will still be supported indefinitely, providing the project is compatible with the C3 runtime. There are loads of major new features, performance improvements and extra capabilities in Construct 3, not least of which are the all-new runtime with massive performance improvements, JavaScript coding, a mobile app build service, timelines, scene-graph hierarchies, lots of new official plugins and behaviors, and more recently new 3D features such as the 3D shape object. We advise all Construct 2 users to now upgrade to Construct 3. You can try Construct 3 free in your browser, and upgrade today.

    Construct 2 was supported for over 10 years, but no software lasts forever, and the time has come to move on. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Construct over the years. Thank you for being a Construct user, and we hope you enjoy using Construct 3 too!

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