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  • hi trying to get a handle on the step by step process for publishing to the app store with construct 2. I know a 3rd party html5 "converter" is needed such as phone gap or cocoonjs but don't understand how these work. Im not a programmer (hence going with construct 2)....

    any good links or tutorials for publishing to the app store?



  • Cocoon is by far the easiest. You just use their cloud compiler.

    In order to publish to iOS you will need 1. A Mac running the latest XCode. 2. A developers Account from Apple ($99 a year). 3. An iOS device for testing.

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  • danno55 you should read tutorials on both side, C2 tutorial section has instructions on how to export to phonegap & cocoonjs....etc, and also read documents on 3rd party side.

    bear in mind, export & publish to ios at the moment is probably more difficult than building your game in C2. 3rd party services are out of C2's control.

  • Yeah, publishing game to app store is a pain. You need a mac, an developer account and a big time to learn how to use Xcode and Provision files.

  • Crap!

    Well that shoots down most thoughts on iOS soon :-(


  • It's totally worth it though :). My first game paid for my mac mini, ipod touch and dev account and then some :).

    Just gotta put in the work of figuring it all out, but it is worth it.

  • I created game with Construct 2 and exported for App Store with Cocoojs.

    Now, I have an account developer with iOs for App, but I would need the tutorial or guide to publish.

    Do you help me?

  • JulieApp


    remember to prepare any webpage to put on "support" field during app registration on iTunes (5 minutes solution: create free website on

    in case app for kids - remember to prepare some Privacy Policy on webpage

    remember to generate certificate on developer account (they don't mention about this on Ludei tutorial)

  • Hello szymek

    I done all this, but I open the package sent from CocooJs with Xcode, then I don't know to prooceed. Or the file posted by CocoonJS is ready for use?

    Thank you for tips.

  • JulieApp

    go to Product > Archive

    there you have option for validate or distribute build


    1) I have selected Target > iPhone and make new build but anyway iTunes page tells about missing screenshot for iPad, lol

    "Universal binaries require at least one screenshot for every supported device. Additionally, you must provide the required screenshots for each localization."

    2) For 10 attempts to upload package, I get 3 upload OK and 7 SSL errors

    3) sometimes Xcode shows warning about missing launch image for 4' Retina screen, but WTF - it's already there (straight from CocoonJS)

    summing up:

    arrrghh :)

  • The problem, I think, is another.

    I must download the SDK for iOS more XCode for my mac?

    Because the test from my iPhone i See only splash screen of may game that I created with C2 + logo of ludei, then only black display.


    With apk I have not this problem.

  • The guides to publish on the App Store after the birth of the game for iphone with CocooJS, they are really small!

  • JulieApp

    there are other topics about CocoonJS and black screen :)

    maybe you have to turn off 'Acceletarted mode' on CocoonJS plugin properties (in Construct 2)

  • How do I do switch off this mode?

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